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One to Watch: Amanda Miller Littlejohn

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As a personal branding consultant, Amanda Miller Littlejohn believes that everyone has a unique genius — what’s yours?

Amanda Miller Littlejohn is an idea oven, brand problem solver, and creative powerhouse working at the intersection of public relations, journalism, marketing and social media. A former full-time print journalist and a writer first by training and passion, Amanda uses her unique storytelling lens and new media skills to help her clients uncover and subsequently share better brand stories.

As the founder of Washington, DC based PR firm Mopwater Social PR, Amanda helps organizations leverage mainstream media and publicity, blogs and social media campaigns to build buzz online and off. When working with clients, she uses her journalistic training to dig deep to understand the story behind the story, crafting an authentic brand message in the process.

Amanda is a motivating business coach for entrepreneurs and experts who are seeking brand clarity, and fresh ideas on how to emerge as experts in their chosen fields. As a coach, she helps you build your brand, pursue your passions and package your genius so you can share it with the world.

Amanda is a visionary. Noticing the lack of conversations in the journalism community about how social media was being leveraged for reporting, Amanda founded the media conversation and event series “Twitch! Communications in the Age of Social Media.” Since 2010, she has convened some of the country’s most forward-thinking journalists for frank discussions on the state of journalism. Speakers have included journalists from NPR, The Washington Post, CNN, The Huffington Post, Heart & Soul, NBC, Bloomberg News and others.

A highly sought after speaker, trainer and writer, Amanda has spoken to groups of business owners, students and women on personal branding, public relations and social media. She contributes on branding and social media to BlackEnterprise, and offers her expertise through her 5 year old communications resource site

Amanda’s genius is extracting what is special about YOU. She is gifted at finding the message you’ve been hiding, the expertise you’ve downplayed, the skills you haven’t been able to bring to the forefront. She’ll help you uncover your true strengths so you can leverage them for whatever it is that you want, whether that is a better job, more clients, speaking invitations, or simply the satisfaction of doing something amazing, and knowing you exhausted all of your creative potential and honored all of your talents in this life.

To learn more about Amanda Miller Littlejohn click here.

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