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Currently Crushing On: Yagazie Ledi Francisca Emezi

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There’s nothing sweeter than stumbling upon an amazingly talented individual via social media and wondering where they’ve been all your life! Meet the beautiful and brilliant Yagazie Ledi Francisca Emezi. Born and raised in Aba, Nigeria, Yagazie is the creative force behind, a site developed to locate young and upcoming photographers while offering a platform that showcases their work and points of view of Africa. The site is part of Yagazie’s mission to encourage the creative arts movement within Africa and the Diaspora, to provide spaces to tell stories, support creative entrepreneurs, and view the community through the lens of its youth.

As if this weren’t enough, Yagazie is also a visual artist and cartoonist, as well as a video blogger whose YouTube channel is a popular digital platform that discusses social issues, hilarious snippets of personal life, and a plethora of topics rarely addressed openly in African communities, such as eating disorders and sexuality.


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Yagazie’s Instagram feed is jam packed with colorful images of  life on the continent, her thought-provoking doodles and a plethora of creative inspiration. To learn more about Yagazie follow her on Instagram at and be sure to visit!

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