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Out About Town: Brown Girl Marketing’s PowerNet Recap

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By In Her Shoes Contributor: Paulana Lamonier

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If you didn’t get a chance to attend Brown Girl Marketing’s PowerNet event last week, let’s just say it was a mélange between an empowering Sunday morning church service, and an episode of OWN’s Super Soul Sunday — with a whole lot of Black Girl Magic.

During an evening filled with creative, ambitious Black women with vibrant personalities, this event, held at the Howl at the Moon, was produced by Ylorie Taylor of Brown Girl Marketing and co-hosted by Myleik Teele founder of CurlBOX and #MyTaughtYou, and Ken Burkeen, founder of Huetiful.

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Ylorie Taylor: Founder, Brown Girl Marketing & VP of Marketing, EDEN BodyWorks

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Ken Burkeen (Founder, Huetiful) & Myleik Teele (Chief Experience Officer, curlBOX)

The co-hosts were accompanied by 10 innovative strategists, bloggers, creatives and content creators including:

Ty Alexander of; Christina Brown of; Camara Aunique, celebrity make-up artist; Seanna-Kay Denham, clinical psychologist and co-founder of; Sabrina Boissiere of NaturalPartnersinCrime; Tonya Raplely, certified financial planner and creator of MyFabFinance; Shannon Washington of; Evita Robinson, founder of, Genese Jamilah, of, and yours truly!

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In a round-table, speed-dating format, each guest speaker made a pit stop at a table for eight minutes to answer questions of the attendees, give well-needed feedback and most importantly discuss some hot-button topics that evolved around the theme of the night, doing what you love.

Topics like how to maintain harmony while doing the juggling act, pursuing your passions, the power of networking and intuition, and dispelling the “superwoman stereotype,” were just of the important subject matters discussed that evening.

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Some of the guest speakers even shared hacks on how to maximize your time, but also why it’s crucial to create a platform that benefits not only yourself — but others.

“My sister and I really believe in ministry in the marketplace, so that what we’re doing is service. It’s not just about posting a hair style,” said Dr. Seanna-Kay Denham. “We are intentional. There needs to be a  harnessing of the power of social media to cognitively change people’s perceptions of who they are and who they believe women of color with afro-textured hair to be — that’s what we believe.”

“You may not have a niche — yet,” Christina Brown said. “It’s OK. Stay true to yourself and it will come.”

“So many people are quick to try to ‘network’ and ask for a favor as they are meeting someone. You have to invest in the relationship first. You have to give of yourself, your time, your expertise…whatever you have and then when you absolutely need to cash out, you ask for the favor. If you need a good measuring tool, set it at one year before you ask,” said Myleik Teele, Chief Experience Officer, curlBOX.

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Each guest received a fabulous gift bag filled with products from the event’s sponsor, EDEN BodyWorks, as well as Mischo Beauty, Hype Hair, and Freshie Feminine Care.

Wrapping up the event, the speakers closed with some thought-provoking remarks as well as new projects that are coming through the pipeline of their individual brands. Be sure to follow each of them on Instagram to keep up with the magic they’re creating next.

Kudos to Ylorie Taylor of Brown Girl Marketing (@browngirlmktg) for producing such a POWERFUL event!

Photo Credit: Nik Wes Photography

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