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Militant Michelle?

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By: In Her Shoes Contributor, Kamari Guthrie

I just finished chatting with a friend and fellow Obama admirer about how inspiring Michelle O. truly is. While the media constantly scrutinizes her, she continues to make refreshingly unapologetic decisions. Be it her “edgy” fashion choices or her diverse guest lists, she’s generated a few shock waves for being true to herself, her family and those citizens who need her. Ever the daring First Lady, we just can’t stop watching her every move.

And since I’ve gotten my hands on her senior thesis from Princeton, I can’t stop reading her either! I love to study the steps of great women ahead of me; so to get a bit more familiar with her path to success, I decided to read her controversial senior thesis from Princeton. The thought-provoking uncut version of her thoughts and experiences give insight into the mind of a soon-to-be First Lady coming up the ranks when the odds were, at many times, against her.

Her thesis, titled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community” sparked a lot of scrutiny during President O’s campaign because it discusses the decisions many educated Blacks make when they become successful. It’s quite an interesting read, as it allows us to see her mindset as a senior at Princeton and compare it to her actions as a Princeton-educated, black First Lady.

To get in First Lady O’s shoes back when she was a student, download her thesis here.

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