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Yesterday afternoon I attended the highly anticipated “Makers Brunch” (recap coming soon) at downtown Manhattan’s Pink Teacup. While catching up with one of my Chicago homegirls, KJ Rose, I was introduced to the gorgeous Damali Elliot, Founder of Petals-n-Belles, Inc. We immediately shot each other the “where do I know you from?” look but after several attempts at solving the mystery, we gave up and simply introduced ourselves. When she mentioned her organization, Petals-n-Belles, Inc., we immediately connected as I’d heard of the movement and was glad to meet one of the ladies behind it.

Founded in 2010 in response to the need for young women in our communities to be provided with more support, leadership and positive role models, Petals-n-Belles is dedicated to providing young women 12-22, with an authentic mentoring experience. Through mentorship and social guidance, PNB works to build and enhance the overall individual development and well being of young women.

Join PNB founders Damali Elliott and E. Isis Adewale tomorrow evening at the Time Hotel’s Inc. Lounge for LIMITLESS. With 75 special guests and event hostess, Egypt Sherrod of WBLS, LIMITLESS will serve as a fundraiser celebrating the launch of the organization.

Every young woman has a dream. Some face challenges on the way to making those dreams a reality. Petals-N-Belles is designed to provide the necessary tools that will instill in our young women a relentless and resilient attitude! Through partnerships within our communities, schools and the families of the young women we serve; we insure that every voice will be heard, every dream will be met and generations to come will reap the benefits.

Petals-n-Belles Founder, Damali Elliott

For additional information on Petals-n-Belles visit www.petalsnbelles.org. To RSVP for tomorrow night’s event, please email rsvp@petalsnbelles.org.

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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