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Va$htie Kola

New York-based artist, Va$htie Kola, has got to be floating on cloud nine right about now. After remaining silent as internet rumors brewed, Va$htie officially announced this week that she was selected to be the first woman ever – yes, EVER –  to design a sneaker for the highly-respected Jordan brand.

While many uninformed gossip bloggers like to define her as simply being Pharrell’s ex-girlfriend (hate this), the truth of the matter is that Vashtie is a multi-talented lady who flexes her creative muscles across several very competitive industries. A true force to be reckoned with, this Trinidadian beauty rocks many hats including, but not limited to…

Video Director:

Va$htie directed one of my Solange favorites, T.O.N.Y.

Va$htie strikes a pose with Justin Beiber on the set of his video, “One Time”

Designer/Creator of the Violette line:

Violette by Va$htie

Event Producer:

Va$htie produced the iconic “1992” party series with best friend, Oscar Sanchez. In 2008, “1992” was nominated for Best Party at the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards and also received a style feature in The New York Times.

Keep an eye out for my fellow Trini because she’s definitely one to watch!

To learn more about Va$htie Kola visit www.vashtie.com.

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