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Jackie Adams’ 5 Tips for Maximizing Facebook

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While many of us use Facebook as a place to connect with family, childhood friends, new flames, and everyone in between, the business opportunities on the social media site are plentiful. With over 800 million active users, Facebook is the digital world’s hottest personal, product and corporate branding hub. What I love about it most is that every brand that exists on Facebook, be it ginormous or tiny, has the same core features and benefits, such as the ability to create a page, share resources, add multimedia and much more.

The social graph is filled with CEOs, possible investors, celebs and Fly Female Entrepreneurs just like you who can be reached through Facebook’s messaging system without any boundaries or restrictions. With all of this access and visibility right at your fingertips, can you honestly say you’re maximizing Facebook to the best of your ability?

Today Jackie Adams, one of the “Top 25 Women of Houston” and owner of Melodrama Boutique, shares a few ways Facebook helps to build her brand:

1. Increased Visibility: Facebook helped the business attract new clients and gain more visibility nationwide. Some of our most active supporters live in Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta. We also have a strong base in Canada and Europe and we ship weekly to different states.

I think, overall, our success is a result of the interaction. People are constantly sharing our photos, and having entire conversations around our new items. This creates more visibility and more interest. With Facebook’s new changes, it’s easy to know what your friends interests are.

2. Increased Sales: Facebook accounts for 20% of my sales each month. In 2009, we started posting weekly arrivals in individual albums and sending out twitpics. While I do plan to launch a shopping cart on my website soon, I’ve enjoyed the instant action that results from Facebook. As a boutique owner, my product is unique and I don’t order in large quantities, so I would rather not wait for clients to visit my site. They’re on Facebook- so I go to them.

I started using it as a tool to drive sales, but ultimately client loyalty has increased as well.

3. Event Marketing: Awareness of productivity and events has grown as well. We have learned to post from the beginning to the end during events and people actually come out as a result. They see the fun, excitement and the opportunity to network and shop on an otherwise quiet evening spent on Facebook. We have people wanting to get on the calendar to partner with us, but we’re booked until 2012.

4. Brand Awareness: Facebook has become a fashion outlet for our clients and we love hearing the stories women share about their personal style. I try to fuse my personal brand within the updates as often as possible because I want it to still sound like me. I think because of social media, people know that we’re not just a boutique. We’re an event venue, a staple in the community and place where people can just come and celebrate each other.

5. Community Outreach: Giving back should be a part of any business because it’s important to serve and give back to those less fortunate. I think it also helps pave the way for young people to dream and realize that dreams do come true.

Through our events, I’m able to work with churches, new and upcoming non-profits and causes. I believe that my purpose is to assist and create opportunities for for-profit and non-profit businesses in the community, because there is power in numbers. If I can expose a new charity program to my social media family and host an event on their behalf, then I’m serving my purpose.

To learn more about Jackie Adams and Melodrama Boutique visit:

Melodrama on Facebook
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Melodrama’s Website



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