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Zach Bliss as Personal Shopper

Who in the world is Zach Bliss and what does HE have to do with being in HER shoes? Zach Bliss is a courageous New Yorker who is trying to learn about the job market by working a different job every day for 365 days. Unlike many Americans who reluctantly work the same boring job for years and years, Bliss packs off to a new place of employment each day!

“I was unemployed for a really long period of time. I wanted to do something creative, so I figured I should just do every job and then write about it,” says Bliss.

His blog at has accounts of Bliss’s adventures as a paddleboard instructor, baker, teepee maker, chess player, personal shopper, bartender, physical trainer, furniture maker and transport driver – all jobs he worked at for one day and one day only.

Zach Bliss as a Bartender in an Art Gallery

“Being enthusiastic about the job, and genuinely wanting to do a good job, and letting everybody know that that’s what I’m going to do,” says Bliss. “I’m going to work for you, I’m going to work hard and with each of these jobs I kind of want to be the best employee they’ve ever had.”

It’s good advice, even for those of us who have our own businesses or are  just working on one job.

Zach Bliss as a Salesperson at Rogan

Bliss admits he hasn’t made a lot of money with his daily employment quest, but he hopes his firsthand accounts and video will prove valuable someday. Already, his enthusiasm and work ethic have proven to be valuable. He received a full-time job offer recently from a New York City marketing company but before he settles down, Bliss is determined to complete a full year of working a different job every day.

“I am who I am and what I’m doing is just living out a dream, and that’s what it is,” says Bliss.

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