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Inspired by: Blogging While Brown 2011

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Have you ever just sat back and watched as a force MUCH greater than you orchestrates magic right before your eyes? Last Thursday I was at home doing my PR work, blogging, you know…doing what I do, and my dad calls. We chat about things going on in our worlds and he asks about the Black Weblog Award In Her Shoes was nominated for. I tell him that the Blogging While Brown conference is in L.A. this weekend but due to (insert every excuse under the sun here), I wouldn’t be able to make it out. “So wait, I thought you wanted to attend this conference because of all the great networking and priceless information being shared?” I respond with a quick yes, but continue to support my reasons for not attending. He wasn’t buying it.

In his own “If I were you,” persuasive, and thought-provoking way, he convinced me that attending Blogging While Brown and the Black Weblog Awards was something I needed to be doing and couldn’t understand for the life of him why it was ever in question. So, just like that I get off the phone and begin moving in auto-pilot. Fast forward to the next morning, I’m headed to the airport with luggage, laptop, and iPad in hand prepared for an unforgettable L.A. adventure!

Without being too sappy and longwinded, I’ll simply say this: If you EVER have a voice in your head (or in this case, your ear) that’s encouraging you to do something you’ve been considering anyway and it just feels right, go with the flow! The best experiences in life are often unexpected. So many pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me in less than 24 hours that I knew upon boarding my flight that this was where I was supposed to be. I couldn’t have planned this trip out any better had I started months in advance. The execution was flawless!

So by now I’m sure you’re wondering if In Her Shoes won the Black Weblog Award, right? Check out a few pics from Blogging While Brown 2011 below then tune in to the very next post to find out!


(L-R) Panelists: Roshini Cope, Andrea Tasia, Lydia Cotton

(L-R) Panelists: Danyelle C. Little, Andrea Amir,  Melissa Lanz, Jessica Benton

Tracey Coleman of

BWB Speaker: Karen Taylor Bass

Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes and Angel Laws of

Angel and her new book, “Angel’s Laws of Blogging”

Angel’s keynote address was everything…

(L-R) Brian Davis, Music Contributor for Concrete Loop and Angel Laws

Much love to the Blogging While Brown team for creating such an awesome experience for everyone in attendance. Words can’t express how much I appreciate Gina McCauley, the executive director of Blogging While Brown, for taking my call late Thursday evening then going in and opening conference registration back up for this last minute guest just hours before kick off.

If you’re a blogger or aspiring blogger and want to meet a group of amazingly talented and dedicated folks, put next year’s Blogging While Brown conference in your calendar now. I met bloggers who’ve been at it for years and some who are still in planning mode. There were bloggers on deck who have successfully monetized their blogs (cha-ching!) and a few who don’t have plans to. Folks traveled from far and wide to exchange positive energy, priceless tips, and just have a good time with fellow members of the blogosphere. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and am still wrapping my head around all of the priceless knowledge exchanged.




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