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Masha D’yans

Last year I discovered the designs of Masha D’yans and I was completely taken. D’yans, a New York-based artist originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, is the Fly Female Entrepreneur behind a beautiful line of evocative greeting cards you’ll want to pick up for every one of life’s beautiful occasions.

Prior to taking the entrepreneurial leap, Masha worked as an an art director for a Boston ad agency. Despite her professional success in graphic design, Masha just couldn’t abandon her love of painting and illustration. In an effort to follow her heart, Masha launched her eponymous greeting card company in 2002 and has been on a pretty admirable grind ever since!

Masha’s cards found their first audience in upscale stores such as Barney’s New York, Louis Boston and Neiman Marcus. Now her card line can be found everywhere from exclusive boutiques to Target and Barnes & Noble where she’s created specialty lines developed. Her growing list of brand extensions include tee shirts for Target, CD jackets for Bergdorf Goodman, bedding for Garnet Hill, and T-shirts and home decor for Urban Outfitters. Not bad for a woman who’s only been in the business for eight years, right?

Check out a few of my faves:

Happy Hair

Love Note

Dancing People

Blown Glass Balls

Masha D’yans for Urban Outfitters

So, next time you’re in search of the perfect greeting card for the man in your life, your girl’s baby shower or your sister’s well-deserved promotion, you know where to look. Masha’s designs are whimsical, elegant, colorful and dope enough to be collected while the Hallmarks of the world get tossed!

To learn more about Masha D’yans visit or swing by her blog by clicking here.

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