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“Hearts in Pieces” by Ambika Lewis

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Meet Brooklyn-based creative Ambika Lewis. The fashion forward Libra is of the unwavering belief that “the human purpose is to express art from the heart.” When I read this statement it immediately resonated with me and led my thoughts to my favorite mantra, “do what you love.” If you’re not an artist in the traditional sense of the word, don’t fret. Your expression of “art” can be whatever your calling is and wherever your passion lies.

Ambi’s Hearts in Pieces collection is a jigsaw representation of the Brooklyn-raised creative’s journey through love and life. By skillfully wedding wooden pallets, discarded from storefronts and freight entrances, with cocktails of moody hues and message, the fashionista repurposed her unorganized emotions to gift the world its own framed mirror.

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Though born in Boston, Ambi discovered “self” years after moving to New York City at the tender age of three. In the borough that keeps on taking it, Ambi consumed herself in the interconnected planets of music, fashion, and high art. Initially used as an escape from her shyness and life at home (father was absent, mother was clinically ill), Ambi let her new love for illustration and design discover the form that spoke loudest to her then, specifically pointillism. Then with textiles like charcoal, oils, fabric, graphite and acrylics, she would uncover a new world, new strengths, a new woman.

Fast forward to 2015 and the experiences accumulated on this journey have been manifested into the Hearts in Pieces collection. Even the most discriminating eye can see that Ambi puts her heart into every single one of her pieces. Now you know why…

To learn more about Ambi and her Hearts in Pieces collection visit

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