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Fly Female Entrepreneur: Shenekia Loud

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Shenekia Loud

Tell us a little bit about your healthcare concierge business, The Kenkou Group:

The word “Kenkou” in Japanese means “good health” or “good well-being”. The current state of the health care industry increasingly threatens the quality of patient care and is eroding the patient and health care provider relationship. As a result, many people are left feeling estranged from the high quality care and attention they need, desire and deserve.

The Kenkou Group is now one of New York City’s leading health care service providers offering concierge medical services administered by our in-house affiliated clinical staff which includes board certified physicians, nurses and health care liaisons. Based on our client’s needs, we provide a wide range of services from direct physician appointed care to health care advocacy.

The Kenkou Group does not take the place of a regular doctor.  Instead, we provide between visit services and work with members’ current providers, keeping them abreast of a client’s care and progress. We give our members one-on-one quality health care with attentiveness and compassion.

What would you say are the top three most gratifying aspects of working in the healthcare industry?

The most gratifying aspect of my work is knowing that I’m changing the face of an industry that is often feared and misunderstood.  My clients feel confident knowing someone is there not just during their most difficult times, but all of the time to provide them with the highest level of care offered. I also take pride in mentoring my colleagues and employees to become successful leaders and providers in the industry.

What was one of the most challenging obstacles you had to overcome while building your business?

Making the transition to business owner comes with responsibilities beyond what I could have imagined. In addition to family adjustments that have to be made, there is quite a bit of pressure in knowing that I’m responsible for the well being of my clients no matter the severity of their issue.

I’ve also had to learn to remove emotion from every professional challenge in order to make realistic and sound decisions based on fact and what’s being presented to me.

The Kenkou Group offers a wide array of services ranging from pediatric to geriatric care. What would you say is your most sought after service and why?

That’s a tough question because right now with such an emphasis being placed on healthy living we’re seeing an array of patients. However, we have a very high volume of post-operative care patients.  Unfortunately for some, it takes a dramatic experience for them to make changes towards a healthier life and educate themselves.

There are so many Americans going without health insurance these days. How does the Kenkou Group address this growing issue?

Our Personalized Health Care program is a unique combination of exceptional medical resources, unmatched range of services and outstanding care.  We sit down with our clients and create a unique package based on their specific needs, which is overseen by our board certified participating physicians and other healthcare providers ranging from primary care physicians to dieticians. We design our packages to be affordable and rewarding with various payment options.

What is a day like in Shenekia Loud’s shoes?

My days are never the same, and I always expect the unexpected.  As a mother of two, my children impact my day no matter what. Ensuring their health, safety and care is provided for is number one on the list.

As far as work is concerned, I do my best to stay on a basic schedule of completing tasks based on priority. But, because I like to have direct contact with every client, I’m on call 24/7. So when that phone rings I never know what to expect!

What nugget of wisdom would you share with a woman wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Love what you do and do what you love! In health care not only do we have the ability to save lives, but we also have the ability to change lives….how could I do either successfully if there was no love?

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