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Miya Beathea

For Miya Beathea being “natural” is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. The Chicago-based model-turned-entrepreneur has been vegan her entire life, so creating a line of natural hair products was truly a no-brainer. As a woman who enjoys long hours in the lab as much as she enjoys quality time with the girls, Miya is committed to perfecting her craft. Talented, focused, and innovative, Miya shares the inside scoop on life as a beautypreneur!

In Her Shoes: As a life-long vegetarian, tell us why creating a natural line of hair products was so important to you?

Miya: I developed Little Miss Fuzzy Head – Happy Hair Fusion simply because of an innate passion to offer consumers an effective hair product with multiple uses, that is naturally advantageous to the hair and scalp–at a reasonable price. I believe the key to healthy, beautiful and growing hair derives from using the right mixture and fusions of natural ingredients. Period. And believe it or not, choosing natural hair products is an investment in your health, as toxins, chemical additives and synthetic ingredients in typical hair products are absorbed in the skin (and scalp) which can cause build up in the organs and possibly remain in the body for years. Our hair roots are alive and like organs, they need proper nutrition in order to maintain healthy function, which results from using natural hair products. Your hair will feel different (better) using natural hair products and is safe for all hair types–as all hair needs the same “basic” essential nutrients to maintain its health.


In Her Shoes: With so many brands targeting women with natural hair these days, what makes LMFH stand out in the crowd?

Miya: Biotic nutrients in LMFH revitalizes, hydrates and penetrates the hair shaft for softer, shinier and more manageable hair. An effective, concentrated curly hair creme with 8 organic hair nutrients (a little goes a long way: 1 palm full for short hair, 2-3 palm fulls for medium hair, 4-5 palm fulls for long hair), which lasts longer (thereby making it easier on the pocketbook), is reasonably priced and available in three sizes (2 ounce – $6, 4 ounce – $12, 8 ounce – $22).

LMFH is also great for twisting (using The Happy Hair Technique) and braiding hair and can also be used as a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioner, for wash and go styles and as a heat protectant for curlies who blow dry their hair. LMFH is an effective moisturizer that adds beautiful shine, refreshes dry curls and ends without a greasy feel. LMFH defines the natural curl pattern of hair (without the crunch), effective on multiple hair types (very tight curls to loose, or biracial hair types) smooths the hair shaft to reduce frizz and has a light non-intrusive scent (also available unscented).

In Her Shoes: What is a day like in Miya Beathea’s shoes?

Miya: My brand keeps me busy all day long! From packing and shipping product, to creating in the lab, to coming up with innovative and creative ways to market the product, to customer service, to it ALL. We are a small business currently, and so I wear many, many hats–all of which I love. It’s my passion, my baby, my excitement! Running around tending to business, I tend to wear funky flats (often), but in the evening or when going to an event or for dinner, I like to be a bit sexier.

In Her Shoes: List five things you just can’t live without:


  1. Passion
  2. Meditation
  3. Love
  4. Family/Friends
  5. Little Miss Fuzzy Head

In Her Shoes: If you could host an intimate dinner with three industry icons who would they be and what would you ask them?


  1. Madam C.J. Walker – With everything going on in the early 1900’s, what exactly inspired you to create hair products? How did you handle your success?
  2. Joe & Eunice Dudley – I resonate so much with your story and how you began. What advice can you give from the mistakes you made along the way?
  3. Fred Luster – As a Chicago-based company, how did you make your mark in the hair care market? What steps did you take? What risks? What fears did you face?

Miya’s model life

In Her Shoes: What’s on the horizon for Little Miss Fuzzy Head?

Miya: I see a bright future for LMFH. Currently, I am working on our shampoo: Little Miss Fuzzy Head – Happy Hair Soap. It’s a super conditioning, highly moisturizing, creamy and foamy shampoo with fusion extracts and hair nutrients that rinses with a soft, moisturizing feel that pairs gracefully with Little Miss Fuzzy Head – Happy Hair Fusion. My goal is to debut Happy Hair Soap by Fall/Winter 2012 and to  eventually present an entire line of products (that I am in the lab developing now).

I am a very hands-on developer, and love the feedback from consumers with various hair types (peer groups), so it tends to take a bit longer, but it will definitely be worth the wait!

For additional information on Little Miss Fuzzy Head click here!


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