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Out About Town: FNO 2010

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I know many of my NYC readers are still nursing fashion hangovers, so today I’m keeping it light. If you haven’t a clue where I’m going with this, last night was the second annual Fashion’s Night Out. The streets of New York City from uptown to downtown were drenched in impeccable style and (sorry, must be honest) plenty of fashion misfits! The Vogue-created, City of New York-endorsed shopping extravaganza is the brainchild of Anna Wintour and was developed to catapult sales in the face of economic dire straits.

Never one to miss a party with a purpose, I slipped on the cutest and most comfy shoes I own, hooked up with a few of my girls and hit the streets! We kicked the night off at the Georgia x Polish Bar of Brooklyn “Beauty is the New Fashion” soiree then hit Betsey Johnson, Zara, Camper, Chanel, Korres and Ralph Lauren (just in time to miss the beautiful and talented Janelle Monae’s performance). Soho felt and in some moments, looked more like Halloween than FNO and provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening!

From complimentary mini-manis and Minx to antioxident-infused cocktails and over-the-top looks, Fashion’s Night Out is an event you don’t want to miss.

Following are few of my FNO pics for your Saturday afternoon viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy!

Some of us were smart. Rocked the flats on the train, carried the heels. Take note.

With the adorable “KT.”

First stop, Georgia Boutique. We were greeted by the lovely Kiara, the boutique’s co-owner.

Complimentary mini-manis and Minx courtesy of Polish Bar of Brooklyn.

Customized eyeglasses and earrings. Hot!

Rebecca and Omena enjoying a BEAUTY-full evening.

Miss Tokunbo was working the heels!

Georgia co-owner, Jodie Patterson. The epitome of brains and beauty.

Quick pic in front of the famous Georgia wall before we hit the streets.

Fly Female Entrepreneurs abound! Ran into Angela & Vanessa Simmons.

People were literally spilling out of Zara so we thought we’d peek in…

Didn’t understand the random bread sticks around the store but they made for a great photo opp.

Windblown with Todd of Free Candy (@FreetheCandy). Donate Today!

Bumped into “Jennifly” spinning in Camper. BK fly girl by way of London.

Lots of buzz outside of Betsey Johnson so we stopped in for a sec…

Got bored almost immediately so we indulged in the obligatory self portrait.

Just because…

With fellow blogger and all around sweetheart, Samantha of O.M.O. Writes

Chanel’s windows stopped traffic…

…And so did these two. Amber Rose and Tip?

The girls…

You see this necklace on Miss Denitria? One day it will be mine!

Dropping temps + empty bellies = sad (but super cute) faces

Finally, we indulge!

Full bellies and smiling faces. Such an amazing night. Back to BK!

Reflecting on the evening…

Admiring my mani. “New Money” by Ginger + Liz = my new obsession.

And we’re out!

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