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EDEN BodyWorks + Women of Influence

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Sherrell Dorsey (Organic Beauty Vixen) and Kela Walker (Kela’s Closet)

What happens when EDEN BodyWorks takes a party bus filled with New York City beauty and fashion mavens across the state line for Jersey City Fashion Week? Fun and fashion ensues! EDEN BodyWorks extended special invites to a handpicked selection of New York City’s most successful and influential women as a thank you and nod to their many accomplishments.

NYC’s finest crossed the tunnel to attend the highly anticipated Women of Influence fashion show and charity event produced by the Tara Dowdell Group. The invite-only affair, attended by prominent women in business, media, beauty, fashion and politics was hosted at Liberty National Golf Course. Proceeds from the event benefited the York Street Project, an organization committed to eradicating the cycle of poverty among women and children. The event was truly a night to remember as attendees networked and indulged in prime hor d’oeuvres and delectable desserts. A celebration of women from all walks of life, Women of Influence is dedicated to making an impact on those near and far while building the groundwork for tomorrow’s trailblazers.

Special thanks to EDEN BodyWorks’ invited guests: Nicole Melton, Beauty Editor,; T. Bernie, COCOACHiC Beauty; Shayla Cox, Shayla Cox Jewelry; Sherrell Dorsey, Organic Beauty Vixen; Yardley Messeroux, The Coil Review; Natasha Gaspard, Mane Moves TV; Kela Walker, Kela’s Kloset, and Brandis Snugg of AJ’s Corner.

Photo Credit: Nik Wes Photography

Pre-gaming at The Gansevoort Hotel

Ylorie Anderson, EDEN BodyWorks VP of Marketing

Photographer extraordinaire, Nicole Wescott

Get on the bus!

Yardley Messeroux (The Coil Review) and Natasha Gaspard (Mane Moves TV)

Jewelry Designer, Shayla Cox

Digital girls!

Shayla’s feeling it…

Kela Walker: Kela’s Kloset

Nicole Melton: Beauty Editor

Waiting for the show and showing a little leg!

Multi-tasking at its best. Tara Dowdell produced the show and modeled in it!

Didn’t get her name but loved her style!

Designer Shayla Cox and Brandis Snugg of AJ’s Corner

Ylorie Anderson, Yardley Messeroux, T. Bernie Bernard, Tara Dowdell, Talia Young

Yardley Messeroux, Ellisa Oyewo, T. Bernie Bernard

Renae Bluitt, Tara Dowdell, T. Bernie Bernard, Talia Young, Avis Young, Ylorie Anderson

Yours truly!

Kela Walker, Yardley Messeroux, Tara Dowdell, Nicole Melton, Sherrell Dorsey, Talia Young, Avis Young, Shayla Cox, Brandis Snugg, Natasha Gaspard, Renae Bluitt

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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