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Since today’s earlier post was about technology, I’m thinking we’ll stay consistent with the afternoon’s theme but add the fly female entrepreneur twist. Take a look at this beauty. It’s like technology meets vintage china meets dreamy art:

I don’t even think I’d have the audacity to USE this camera. She’s so gorgeous, I’d nicely position her on a shelf for guests to simply admire from afar…

All of this goodness was created by none other than Lomography in partnership with Dorophy Tang, a Chinese designer/illustrator whose work mixes traditional Chinese style elements with vintage elements. While Dorophy Tang may not be a household name just yet, let’s not underestimate her swagger. D. Tang has been doing her thing for quite some time now with the biggest brands in the industry, including her installation with Adidas several years ago…




 And her recent collaboration with Epson

As you can see, the intricate designs on the camera and printer are quite similar to the looks she created for Adidas. Can’t wait to experience more of this fly female entrepreneur’s talent because from what I can see, the best of Dorophy Tang’s work is yet to come.

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