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From great skin to strong bones, fibroid shrinking and cancer prevention: juicing is a one-stop solution to getting our bodies onto a healthier track. Nature is one of the earth’s greatest medicines, and the ability to juice that powerful gift and simply drink it is a blessing for us all, especially the movers and shakers who don’t always have time to sit down for a nourishing meal. Meet wellness coach and juicing expert, Maya Chambers. As the creator of Maya’s Goddess Juices, Maya believes that juicing should be at the top of our list of daily “must-dos” alongside self-care, meditation and personal hygiene.

With a brand that started in the heart of her home (the kitchen), Maya’s mission is to encourage her clients to approach beauty and wellness from the inside out. Maya realizes that being good to your body (eliminating ingestion of processed foods and replacing it with protein, vegetables and fruits) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to fight off anxiety, depression, low energy levels and health risks.

Could the key to healthier living really be this simple? Check out Maya’s juices and meal plans on Instagram (@mayagoddessjuices) or email her directly at mayagoddessjuices@gmail.com to find out. True beauty comes from within!

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