Book Review: “YOU are a BADASS” Is What You Need to Be Reading Right Now

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By In Her Shoes Contributor: Brianna Arps, @briannaarps


Meandering in Target about a week ago, I ended up taking a stroll through the books section, stopping dead in my tracks as soon as I saw it.

Hey, that’s the yellow book I’ve seen all over Instagram. That’s one of the ones Myleik Teele suggests!

I then looked around to see if anyone else was in awe (sadly, they weren’t) and proceeded to joyfully read the 16 words printed on its cover: YOU are a BADASS // HOW TO STOP DOUBTING YOUR GREATNESS AND START LIVING AN AWESOME LIFE // JEN SINCERO.

Hmmm, okay… Flips to back cover and reads opening line:


Pause. Nope. Jen…girl…you already lost me. Puts book back on shelf. Starts to walk away.

Picks book back up and looks around to gage how many people were witnessing this internal-turned-physical conflict that was being played out in the back of Target by a 22-year-old recent grad. Crickets. Of course, no one cared except me LOL.

Honestly, looking back now that I ended up purchasing YOU are a BADASS (a.k.a YAAB) and finishing it in just a few days, the thought of reading a self-help book wasn’t appalling. I really think me scanning the back cover and finding a rendition of the word “desperate” is what turned me off at first. But the reality laced into that moment spelled nothing but d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e.

I won’t divulge any deets about why since this is a post about the book and not me per say – just know, The Universe threw some pretty mean curveballs my way recently. And I’m in total “sink or swim” mode…yet happy to quickly report I’m floating and paddling and strategically making my way back to shore with a new mindset thanks to YAAB. Telling my Ego or The Big Snooze/BS, as Jen likes to call it, to shut the hell up while I take progressive leap towards being the person/daughter/grandbaby/employee/bossbabe/etc. I see myself becoming was vital.

Besides opening my heart to a new mindset, why is YAAB worth the rave review? Well, no matter how old you are or where your career’s at or if you started that business yet or how much you charge or who you’re dating or not dating, the book is relatable, written with humor and offers practical advice that works, making it worth every last penny I paid. Before I reached the last page, for example, faith not only led to a shift of energy but also a potential work opportunity.

YAAB is a feel-good book. Not one filled with pointless fluff, but one that will whip you into shape, restore your excitement and give you the tools to welcome change into your current situation. I’ve never tabbed so many pages or promised myself that I’d remember so many quotes in my life. And if you decide to read it too, I’m positive you’ll revisit it several times as a personal reference guide to your awesomeness.

Simply put, YOU are a BADASS is completely badass. Give it a try and make sure to comment what you think below!


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