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Are you in touch with your inner Jane? is an online-based retail vendor created by freelance Artist and Style Architect, Kinna LeBlanc. The brand’s goal is to successfully provide quality, classic and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to stylish, classy and diverse women. Whether for work, travel, leisure or comfort, women throughout the country will be able to experience budget-friendly shopping in the comfort of their own home.

During our current recession era, the fashion world has been forced to alter the industry standards.  Celebrity designers have been created, new tag lines were made famous, and obsolete trends are now put on the forefront. Regardless of how dramatic the change, the story will always remain the same: all women love to be fashionable!”

Kinna LeBlanc, Closet Jane

Miss LeBlanc has been kind enough to share a few vintage style tips with In Her Shoes. Take notes!

Vintage Must Have’s for 2009:

The Revamp of the LBD:
The Little Black Dress is a timeless classic and must have for all women. Now that vintage is expanding as a lifestyle, I suggest that you find that special piece that you know you can do no wrong in–to save for that fly rainy day.

Drappy Dresses and Blouses:
Drappy vintage can be worn and accessorized in so many ways: tied, belted, and layered. They’re a must! As a personal touch, experiment with menswear in the smallest size.

“Tasteful” Shoulder Pads:

Since looking like a 1980’s yuppie is no longer an option, try adding a bit of nostalgia to modern blazers and blouses with tasteful shoulder pads.

How to Maintain your Vintage Collection:

* Removing Rust Stains:
Deodorant underarm stains those greyish white, powdery dry markings often found on vintage clothing can often be removed by spot dabbing with white vinegar using a lint free clean white cloth.  If you’re into home remedies, lemon juice also works well!  Dab-dab as much as needed then wash, wash!  Delicates and durable fabrics such as wools and silks should be taken to a professional for expert cleaning.

* Hand washing
Start your cleaning by using gentle products (i.e., Woolite or Dreft).  You can work up to more alkaline products as you feel the item needs more intense treatment.   Dissolve one of these products in a jug of hot water and add the completely dissolved solution to the bathtub.

The secret of good washing is good rinsing.  Use the shower head attachment if your bath has one and spray rinse the garment moving the fabric folds gently if needed.  An alternative to the conservation method is rinsing the garment either by running fresh cold water into the bath five or six times until the water runs clear.  Do make sure you do this stage thoroughly as you do not want to leave any residue in the garment that will cause damage.

* Maintaining Wool and Leather Coats:
A jacket that is drying out will need to be treated either by you or a specialist leather restorer.  Use saddle soap from a pet shop or equestrian dealer to clean it, applying the saddle soap according to the label instructions.  Completely dry and buff the leather and then use mink oil to condition the leather.  You must condition the leather if you have cleaned with the saddle soap otherwise you have done half a job and will create even more drying out problems as the saddle soap removes not only dirt, but also leather oils.

We know you still have quite a few more rooftop parties to attend this summer so swing on over to Closet Jane’s irresistible etsy store to start stocking up. Click here! For additional information on Closet Jane please visit

Stay fly!

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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