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Blog Love: Get Togetha

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As a blogger, maintaining fresh content while keeping up with all of the fabulous writers online can be quite challenging.  Although it’s a bit of a juggling act, there are a few blogs that I follow regularly and Melinda Lewis’ Get Togetha definitely tops my list. Get Togetha inspires us to live our very best lifestyle by helping us surround ourselves with the things we absolutely love: stylish home decor finds and interior design inspiration.

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As a lifestyle writer, business woman, blogger and self-improvement junkie, Melinda knows a thing or two about inspiring the Fly Female Entrepreneur. Her recent post titled “Keeping it One Hundred” did just that. So many people are under the impression that working for yourself is easy. They mistake working from home for working less but as any workaholic entrepreneur knows, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Photo Credit: Get Togetha

Excerpt from Get Togetha:

Having your own business means working late hours and long hours. A given. After all who asked you to start your own business? You’ll have to do things you don’t feel like doing. Another given. It means dealing with unsupportive friends and family members who aren’t emotionally invested in seeing you do well. It means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’ll feel like a cat dipped in water. It means believing in yourself when no one cares.

Photo Credit: Get Togetha

Can I kick my own *ss? It means the likelihood of having people secretly resent you, envy you, judge you, not like you, and praying that your tree will fall down Tiger Woods style. It means head trauma, taking blows to your ego, making lots of mistakes and getting laughed at. It means a lot less television. A lot. It means marrying a business plan… only to divorce it. It means dealing with legalities when you rather be waterboarding. It means sleepless nights and wearing blinders.

Photo Credit: Get Togetha

There’s lots of bad advice out there. It means having a very bad day to a very bad week. It means rejection. Why Yes. No one cares about how smart you think you are. It means constantly evaluating your self worth. Oh wait. After you get over yourself then maybe you can squeeze in good workout, watch a good movie, have sex, and not have your head spin on its own axis…

Head over to Get Togetha to continue reading this timely and well-stated piece. Enjoy!

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