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BEING IS THE NEW DOING: A Divine Guide To Owning Your Energy, Time, And Peace Of Mind

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I had the pleasure of meeting the brilliant Radiah Rhodes when I attended last year’s Evók Life Wellness Weekend at MGM National Harbor. Thanks to this unforgettable experience led by Radiah and her partners, I connected with a room full of powerfully awesome women who were ready to elevate their personal journeys and kick their levels of achievement into high gear. The weekend was more than I could have ever imagined. I walked away understanding that transformation is a lifestyle, not an intervention, and we can be taught and trained on how to transform our lives at will. Radiah’s business was built with the belief that once we become empowered to transform ourselves, we will transform the world.

Today, I’m happy to share that Radiah is sprinkling even more transformational magic on us with the release of her new book, Being Is The New Doing: A Divine Guide to Owning Your Energy, Time, and Peace of Mind. This must-have provides a clear, sensible set of strategies for owning your energy, time, and peace of mind as the creator of your life’s results and explores tangible ways to leverage concepts like intention, purpose, and alignment for new outcomes in life. At its core, this inspiring book provides a simple tool that marries spirituality, science and reality to create a framework for uncovering the nucleus of who you are as the blueprint for what you do and what you have.

Part memoir, part call-to-action and part inspiration, Rhodes, a well-being innovator, energy practitioner, and twenty year veteran of Fortune 100 corporate America, shares her personal journey toward well-being and outlines a simple and practical framework for how to become consciously aware of who you really are to create the life that’s calling you.

“I spent years hoping, striving, and achieving without knowing why I was doing it,” Rhodes shares. “I was unconsciously running from a past of struggle, believing it would be fixed by a future of accomplishments. When that didn’t work I got stuck and the simple question “Who are you?” set an answer in motion that changed everything.” Being Is The New Doing provides lessons of courage, hope, overcoming adversity and more. “I wrote this book to share a small, yet hugely impactful piece of the Evok BEprint process, with the highest intention that it serves as a straight-shooting tool to help you break through your fog of confusion about who you are, break out of the cycle of doing too much to have what you want, and break into the exact experience of life you desire.”

Key Lessons Shared in Being Is The New Doing:

• Being, intention and purpose are not abstract concepts reserved for meditation and prayer; they are very tangible and practical tools to own your life.

• Transformation should be a lifestyle and you can transform your life in a simple, systematic, and repeatable way because you say so, not because there is a crisis or intervention occurring.

• You can identify an exact anatomy of who you are in any given moment or situation.

• Intention is significantly more than a thought or an objective you have in mind, it is the sum total of who you are being.

Are you ready to start being? “Being Is The New Doing” is available for purchase in paperback and e-book format on Amazon. It’s currently trending in the top 100 on Amazon. Her goal is to hit #1 Best Seller and she can’t do it without you!

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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