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Behind-the-Scenes: Ashaki’s Promo Shoot

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(L-R) Ra-Re Valverde & Ashaki

Despite the threat of rain in the forecast, Saturday turned out to be THE perfect day for a photo shoot. Singer/songwriter Ashaki was the subject while her fellow singer/songwriter, Ra-Re Valverde was behind the lens. I must admit, it was heart warming to see two talented women, both vocally gifted with impressive careers, supporting each other’s endeavors this way. Both ladies have recorded their own material (Google ’em) and performed alongside some of the industry’s biggest names including: Kanye West, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott. Ashaki was in need of a photographer with an amazing eye and just like that, Ra-Re was in the market for some beautiful shots for her portfolio. Let the magic begin!

I haven’t seen Ms. Ra-Re’s finished photos yet but couldn’t wait to share a few (well, a lot of) behind-the-scenes shots with you. By the way, can you believe this greenery-filled shoot took place in the heart of Harlem? If it weren’t for the little Uptown lad asking us to pay him for use of “his” community garden, I would have totally forgotten where we were. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed these little peeks. Ashaki and Ra-Re will be sharing more shots from this epic shoot soon! To learn more about the triple threat better known as Ashaki click here. Want to see what Soul Bounce has to say about the marvelous Miss Ra-Re? Click here now!

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