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In Her Shoes Shopping Guide: 75 Black Women-Owned Brands to Know, Love & Support

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Melanie Marie 

Launched by nursing student-turned-designer, Melanie White, the Melanie Marie Collection of jewelry, clothing and handbags was designed with the fashionable, contemporary yet classy woman in mind.

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Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart’s designs can be seen worn by the likes of Kim Coles, Nelly Furtado and Beyoncé’s all-female band the Suga Mamas. With designs inspired by Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It,” you feel a sense of Black pride whenever you see someone rocking one of her statement-making pieces.

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Lost Queens

Founded by Eboni Merriman, Lost Queens is the accessory shop for those of us who embody it all. Good girl or bad, sexy or subdued, regal or down-to-earth – we can be all or none of these things any time we choose, and Lost Queens gives you the jewelry to showcase your true essence.


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Elma Blint

It’s a beautiful thing when true art and exceptional craftsmanship converge, and both are present in abundance in Elma Blint’s bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings she designs for Blint Design Corp. One just doesn’t simply put on an Elma Blint piece; it becomes a part of you.

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Kane & Couture

Inspired by the love of her dog, Kane, and the joy of including him in her lifestyle, Kane & Couture founder, Amber Lee Forrester, set out to create a line of comfortable and convenient dog products designed with an urban-chic touch.



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Super Fab Financial Planner

Looking for a way to organize your finances but don’t know where to start? Stop guessing where your money goes every month. With help from financial expert, Tonya Rapley, you’ll get organized and tell your money where to go.

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The ANote2Self meditation journals were created with self-care, healing and emotional evolution in mind. Author, Alex Elle, wanted to give journalers an outlet where they could not only feel safe but be open and honest with their healing process, on paper.


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“This Is My Year” Journal

Myleik Teele of shares new and encouraging strategies for you to master 2016 and make it your best year yet. Learn how to adjust and achieve your goals; determine your season and how to use it to your advantage; incorporate self-care into your new year strategy; and create and apply your own definitions of success and happiness.


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Kat Flower

Kat Flower is Kathleen Hyppolie’s full-service boutique floral and event design company that works with clients to create a comprehensive design for their celebration. The agency manages all manners of floral {personal flowers, ceremony and reception arrangements}, vessels, linens, candles, furniture rentals, lighting, etc. for your wedding and/or special event.

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Phileanor provides bespoke floral design services for events, businesses, private residences and large scale installations. Utilizing the freshest blooms, foliage and fruit of the season, as well as unusual and occasionally foraged materials, Emily Howard Kudva treats every project as an artistic endeavor, an approach that imbues each design with the ability to elevate both the mood and appearance of its surroundings.


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BCakeNY is a custom cake design studio dedicated to creating specialty cakes for every occasion. The brand’s mission is to transfer your creative vision into extraordinarily unique and delicious cakes. Launched by Miriam Milord, BCakeNY is known for artisan treats that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to taste.

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She Chef

Always drawn to creative food culture, Chef Elle Simone has been dazzling the culinary world since 2006, quickly becoming a highly sought after freelance food stylist and culinary producer. With a focus on beautiful and tasty dishes, Elle transcends the traditional role of a chef, working to share her gift and tell a story through food.

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Justice of the Pies

Maya-Camille Broussard, has spent the past 15 years working as a culturist, curator, designer and creative entrepreneur. Her love for food served as the impetus for establishing Justice of the Pies in honor of her late father, Stephen J. Broussard. As a defense attorney, he was passionate about the idea that his clients were worthy of a second chance.


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ODE TO BABEL is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle bar offering espressos, cocktails, and small bites in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn, New York. The space also provides a platform for local and/or independent creatives and makers to showcase their art, ceramics, and other lifestyle essentials. The location by was created for the community to enjoy a space that boast a chill vibe – no pretense – no posing – all love.


HANNAH Magazine

HANNAH Magazine

Created by Qimmah Saafir, HANNAH is a beautiful biannual print book that will add important voices to the ongoing narrative about Black women—our own.



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The Truth About Awiti

Follow Awiti’s story from mid-15th-century Africa to 21st-century New Orleans in this historical fantasy that will leave you questioning the impact of the trans–Atlantic slave trade on the physical and spiritual realms. This book is the first of many for Washington, D.C. based author CP Patrick.

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HRDCVR is by and for the #newevery1. HRDCVR rejects the niche, and the mainstream. HRDCVR is about the multistream. Co-founded by publishing industry vets, Danyel Smith and Elliott Wilson, HRDCVR’s mission is to change the soul of journalism.

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The Up South Cookbook

The Up South Cookbook is a bridge to the past and a door to the future. The recipes in this deeply personal cookbook by Nicole A. Taylor offer classic Southern favorites informed and updated by newly-discovered ingredients and different cultures.

*Many thanks to In Her Shoes contributor, Jade Earle, for her assistance in curating this dynamic list! 

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