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3 Ways Work May Be Interfering With Living A Color Full Life

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Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

This post about the Color Full Lives podcast is sponsored by State Farm®.

Dreams don’t work unless you do. But what if those same dreams that you’ve been working tirelessly toward for years are finally realized and then consume your entire life? Today’s post, which is all about getting your life back, is inspired by a powerful conversation I had the pleasure of listening to recently.

Have you been tuning into the Color Full Lives podcast, sponsored by State Farm? It was created to reach and empower African-American women, and the series of podcast episodes discusses topics important in our world. Color Full Lives hosts Angela Yee, Hey Fran Hey, and Tatiana Jones have excellent synergy and chat candidly about the many opportunities and challenges we face day to day as driven women of color. In episode three, the ladies take questions from listeners ranging from what’s appropriate to ask a new romantic interest, to how to overcome the fear of criticism when launching a new project. One listener, who is preparing for the Bar Exam, wrote in about her studies interfering with her personal life. Boy, can I relate. As a certified goal-digger, there are times when work takes over my entire existence. I wake up with my laptop, fall asleep with my laptop, and do it all over again the next day. While I understand the importance of balance, it’s easy to be consumed by work, especially when you’re doing what you absolutely love.

When my career becomes overwhelming, I don’t have a problem stepping away and redirecting my energy, but sometimes we need a friendly (or not so friendly) reminder that it’s time to recalibrate. Not quite sure if work is controlling you or if you’re controlling your work? Keep reading for three ways your dreams may be interfering with your life and how to snap out of it:

  1.  You Don’t Take the Time to Unplug.

Let’s face it, technology is truly a blessing that enhances our lives in many ways, but if we’re totally honest with ourselves, it can also be a curse. With the expectations of constant accessibility we’ve created, the workday never seems to end. I recently received a work-related text at 4:30am and could not believe my eyes. It’s a good thing I silence my phone at night before I go to sleep. Can you imagine how startled I would have been if I heard the text notification at that hour?! It’s important that we set boundaries for ourselves in a world that operates from a “team no sleep” point of view. So, don’t text others when you’re sharing an important moment with your girls, and no matter how tempting it may be, refrain from sending work emails while hanging with family and friends. Make quality time true quality time.

  1. You Have a Partner That You Don’t Make Time For.

Let’s start with the obvious: working all hours of the day and night doesn’t leave much time for love (or anything else for that matter). If you’ve given up on dating because you’re swamped, or you’re in a relationship but keep missing time with your partner because you’re putting in overtime at the office, think about reevaluating your priorities. The truth is that your priorities are ultimately in your control.

If you want a relationship, simply start making time for one. And if you’re in a relationship but keep choosing work over your partner — no matter how understanding your partner may be — you’re still missing out on quality time together. Decide what’s important now so you can make the changes you need for better balance in the long run.

Work may occasionally require you to put in late nights and skip out on social events, but if you’re regularly at the office until 10pm, think about the time management choices you’re making that are keeping you there so late.

  1. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Weren’t Tired.

This one is SO me right now. When I’m in the middle of busy seasons with work, my mind just doesn’t turn off. In fact, the later it gets, the busier my mind becomes with thoughts, creative ideas and the never-ending mental to-do list. On average, I get to sleep anywhere between 12:00 – 1:00am, and every single morning I regret it.

That said, my final recommendation is establishing a regular bedtime and sleep routine. Routines, such as taking a warm bath or listening to soothing music when you’re ready to wind down at night, make a difference. Also, have a specified time you go to sleep every evening and eat light and easily-digested food before bed. If getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom is an issue, be sure to stop drinking liquids much earlier in the evening. Lastly, ensure your bedroom is dark and quiet. I just invested in blackout curtains for my room and love the way they totally block out the sun and keep my room nice and cozy.

No matter where we are in our careers, we’ve got to recharge our batteries, ladies. Our peace of mind and well-being depends on it.

This post about the Color Full Lives podcast is sponsored by State Farm

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