29 Ways to Stay Creative

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Creativity + entrepreneurship = EVERYTHING! Whether you’re working on a new business pitch, developing your brand’s Spring ’12 collection, or simply trying to stay ahead of industry trends, creativity is a MUST. But what happens when your creative juices just aren’t flowing? Better yet, what if you think your well of creativity has totally run dry? You get up, get out, and DO something, that’s what!

With the holidays (translation: two weeks of vaca) behind us, I can honestly say that my creativity is slowly warming up. While I’m entering 2012 with loads of enthusiasm, optimism, and hope for what’s to come, I’m still not “there” yet. In a search for a bit of inspiration, I stumbled upon this wonderful video simply titled “29 Ways to Stay Creative” which has truly been a God-send. This video gave me everything I needed to jump start my creativity and since many of you may be in my shoes (no pun intended), I knew I had to share. Ready, set, CREATE!

1. Make lists

2. Carry a notebook everywhere

3. Try free writing

4. Get away from the computer

5. Quit beating yourself up

6. Take breaks

7. Sing in the shower

8. Drink coffee (*I recommend you swap this out with green tea. It’s a lot healthier.)

9. Listen to new music (*have you checked out Robert Glasper’s new project yet?!)

10. Be open

11. Surround yourself with creative people

12. Get feedback

13. Collaborate

14. Don’t give up

15. Practice, practice, practice

16. Allow yourself to make mistakes

17. Go somewhere new

18. Count your blessings

19. Get lots of rest

20. Take risks

21. Break the rules

22. Don’t force it

23. Read a page of the dictionary

24. Create a framework

25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect

26. Got an idea? Write it down

27. Clean your workspace

28. Have fun

29. Finish something



As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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