1/3 Tribal’s Top 5 Holiday Decor Tips

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By In Her Shoes Guest Blogger: Nik Rivers, 1/3 Tribal

Nik Rivers

As temperatures drop, the busiest shopping season begins, the “Most Wonderful Time of The Year” draws nigh, and you begin prepping your home for festive shin-digs, you’ll want make sure to pump up the joy factor in your space with holiday decor. Here are 5 easy ways to adorn your home this season.

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1. Nature’s Bounty: Gather raw material from your backyard, or if you live in the city, the local park. Fallen twigs, leaves, winter berries, pine cones and stumps can be cleaned and used to create rustic centerpieces and mini displays throughout a room.

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2. Lights Aglow: Light is typically associated with the season’s spirits of warmth and magic, usher this spirit indoors with cozy candles and dazzling string light.

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3. Season’s Greetings: Pull out greeting cards from season’s past, or begin collecting the one’s you’re receiving this year, and create a thoughtful display with rope and a few clothes pins. Or cut out the images from your favorites and string them up to make a greeting card garland or hang them individually from a window or mantel.

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4. Go Ornamental: Ornaments on trees is traditional and customary during the month of December, but ornaments, especially the hand made, quirky, and unexpected sorts, can make for stunningly unconventional displays.

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5. It’s A Wrap: There’s nothing like the allure of wrapped gift boxes during the holidays. Use actual gifts or empty boxes to create wrapped gift arrangements on shelves, tables or mantles to celebrate the ‘season of giving’.

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