13 Harsh Reasons Why You Are Nowhere Near Success

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The title of this post will definitely raise some eyebrows, it certainly lifted mine. While working with my dear friend, Molaundo of The Clever Agency, he shared this piece that he knew I’d appreciate. Despite its brutal honesty, I’ve got to admit that this list hits home in many ways. Take a look, be inspired, and start making a few changes within your life in the name of forward movement!

Reasons why you’re nowhere near success via addicted2success.com:

1 – You procrastinate

Actions speak louder than words, the longer you leave something as just a thought someone else out there is taking action and achieving YOUR dreams, only problem with that is, you will never feel what it’s like to achieve success because someone came along and took the rug from underneath you.

2 – You forget that you are mortal

No one lives forever, time is of the essence and every minute that passes you by is another chance gone to make your dreams come true.

3 – You listen to other’s stupid advice

“That’s too hard”, “that won’t work”, “you’re too young”, “you’re too old”. All of that advice is bull-ish. If everyone listened to the negative advice of others, no one and no thing would really progress in this world.

4 – You are in a bad place

You need to position yourself in an environment where you can be stress free, creative and surrounded by positive people. Your environment is very important, it can influence the way you think, feel and see things.

5 – You don’t have a strong enough belief

You need to believe in your dream. It has to be as real as you can make it. If you believe it, you can conceive it and achieve it. The mind and body is an incredible machine, why waste it on the easy and average things in life.

6 – Your motivation is not compelling enough

Why do you want to be successful? Paint a vivid picture in your head of why you deserve to be successful, why you? How are things going to look once you achieve your dreams? This picture needs to be so motivating that it will inspire you to do anything to reach your dreams.

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