10 Steps for a Fabulous Home Office

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Tamara Styles: Get it Girl Style

For those of us who own small businesses or work from home, the concept of an office is very different than an office in corporate America. Gone are the days of tiny cubicles where the only colors surrounding you are grey. If you’re in a creative industry, your home office is where you draw inspiration. Simply stepping into that space should give you the spark you need to get the ideas flowing. If you have the room to do so (NYC spaces are smaller than most), making a clear distinction between work and play space is critical. The talented “Tam Styles” of Get it Girl Style blog is joining us today to provide 10 steps to create a fabulous home office:

1. Sit in the space, and visualize what you want before you get started. The space should tell you what’s possible.

2. Look at your photo collection and find something that inspires you. Don’t stop until you do. That’s what photos are for!

3. Decide if the office is going to be utilized for looks or functionality. This decision will help determine the pieces you need.

Tamara’s home office: winner of West Elm’s “Picture Your Parsons” design contest

4.  Picture frames are a major part of an office. They should be selected wisely since they serve as display pieces. The photos that surround you should create feelings of positive energy, joy and love.

5.  The desk and the chair will serve as a focal point.  Be sure to purchase pieces that can evolve with your style from year to year.

6. A bookshelf is another key piece. It’s the perfect accessory to display books and other things you love to have around you.

7. The art on the walls tell a story. If you’re going for glam, think iconic women in art. If modern is more your speed, go for bold colors that stand alone on canvas.

8. A pen cup with jeweled pencils or unique pens makes writing fun. Let the cup be something different. A thrift store vintage find is always a winner.

9. Put up a pair of beautiful window panels. I love texture and length. Let the panels sweep the floor if possible. The more drama, the better.

10. Go big on lighting. You will need the lighting to suit your needs. Look for colored chandeliers that remind you of jewels.

So there you have it. You’re 10 steps closer to having the beautiful office space you’ve always dreamed of! For additional design tips for your home or office, visit Tamara Styles at www.getitgirlstyle.blogspot.com.

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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