10 Rules for Brilliant Women

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The Huffington Post ran a piece a while back that truly resonated with me. It’s titled “10 Rules for Brilliant Women” and because more than likely, if you’re reading this post you’re ALSO a brilliant woman, it’s my responsibility to share.

Penned by Taria Sophia Mohr, this timely piece was inspired by her career as a life coach and daily interactions with women who don’t truly realize their worth. According to Mohr, “They are certain they ‘aren’t ready’ to take on that next bigger role. They are more attuned to the ways they aren’t qualified than to the ways that they are. They are waiting for someone to validate or discover them.”

If this sounds all too familiar, I encourage you to read on. The women in my life are intelligent, loving, inspiring, beautiful and powerful, yet many times when it comes to living out our dreams, we are our biggest obstacles. Check out Taria’s “10 Rules for Brilliant Women” and do the world a favor…get out of your own way!

1. Make a Pact

2. Imagine It

3. Suppress Your Inner Critic

4. Get a Thick Skin

5. Be an Arrogant Idiot

6. Question the Voice that Says, “I’m Not Ready Yet.”

7. Don’t Wait for Your Oscar

8. Filter Advice

9. Recover and Restore

10. Let Other Women Know They Are Brilliant*

*Love this one!

To read the entire story and get Taria’s thoughts behind each rule, click here.

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