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Wining & Dining 101

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By In Her Shoes Contributor: Kamari Guthrie

Have you ever been out on a business dinner or eating at a social event and been put off by the less-than-stellar table etiquette of your fellow guests? I have.

Imagine meeting with one of your idols and the most highly regarded professionals in your field. After deciding on a suitable meeting place and mentally preparing to impress and be impressed, you arrive at the business dinner ready to go. You order a salad to start, and she orders a soup. All is well until you realize you’re having trouble focusing on the stimulating conversation over the sound of her slurping on the soup and the sight of her—gasp—chewing with an open mouth! You’re appalled that someone of that caliber missed all the basics of proper dining etiquette.

Ok, now this didn’t really happen to me but we’ve all been at a business dinner where someone uses the wrong fork or sips from the wrong glass, making an awkward and revealing mistake.

You never want to be that person, but quiet as it’s kept, many of us don’t know all the rules about how to hold a wine glass, make a toast or eat without insulting your host.

So here’s a classic and crucial guide to dining etiquette from

Also, check out Fonzworth Bentley’s “Advance Your Swagger” for more tips:

Here’s to eating classy!

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