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KeiShera James aka Shera


Berlin, Germany by way of New York City

Hats I Rock:

Singer/Songwriter & Actress

I’ve got nothing but love for Berlin because:

I’ve got love for Berlin because of the ease I find here; there is sense of freedom in this city for artistry. Berlin is very grassroots so the creative scene is huge and encouraged by the community. I find that people here do not take life too seriously and they just live. Maybe it’s because of the lower cost of living. The stress levels are low so it adds more flexibility for artists to create.


Berlin’s best kept secret:

My friend Allison’s kitchen gets my vote but since it’s not a public place I’ll have to go with Rosa Caleta, a Jamaican European fusion restaurant, owned by my friends Kirk and Troy. Rosa Celata is a hideaway so you have to know where it is. On any given day you can find celebs from all over the world in this restaurant. It truly  reminds me of the TV show “Friends” because everyone that stops in is a friend or friends of a friend and the word just gets around. Troy is the chef and he’ll come out and sit with you and give recommendations on what to order. Kirk is the bartender so he’s always smiling and shaking it up. They really serve love at Rosa Caleta which is why I’m always there!


You’re celebrating yet another accomplishment with friends. Where can we find you:

You would find me back at Rosa Caleta or at Bohannon on a Monday night. The music and atmosphere is great and the resident DJ on Mondays, Barney Millah, is one of Germany’s best reggae/socca DJs so we’re always promised a good time!

Mitte District

The best shopping in Berlin can be found:

I would say boutique shopping in Mitte. You can find very stylish and interesting pieces that you won’t find in the more popular trendy areas which is great. Who wants to look like everyone else? I must say this, Berlins’s fashion fails in comparison to what I’m used to in New York City. Berlin is truly a dress down city. Dressing up would only be for a VERY special occasion!

Luzia Cafe

The city’s best cafe and free wi-fi:

There are a few places but the one I frequent the most is Luzia Cafe in Kreuzberg. It’s a real chill environment so lots of artists and socialites like to come and just have coffee or something special like their fresh mint or ginger tea. It’s a great place for meetings or just kicking back on your laptop. I love the vintage flair. Another spot is Nest Cafe also in Kreuzberg on Gorlitzerstr. Nest is very cozy with great sandwiches and wi-fi!

Prince Charles

Berlin networking at its best:

Much like New York, the networking happens at parties here so depending on your interests places like Cookies, Bohannon, Prince Charles, Yaam, Department, or Gretchen could be where you can create your next business collaboration!

Berlin’s guilty pleasure:

Not really sure how to answer this question…it really depends what your into. I’m guilty of a lot of things!

The place every tourist must visit:

I never travel like a tourist so I wouldn’t know really, I just dive into the culture. Most people want to see where the Berlin Wall was, which separated the East from the West, so Check Point Charlie would be a good start. Another sure shot tourist destination is Siegessaule, which is the “pillow of victory.”

Why Berlin rocks for Fly Female Entrepreneurs:

Berlin rocks for Fly Female Entrepreneurs because it’s a good place to grind. I’m able to remain focused and get things done here for less than what it would cost me back in New York City. You don’t have to worry about overhead expenses like your rent because housing is affordable here. Berlin is a good place to introduce my product because it’s a smaller market for soul music. In markets like NYC you’re a tiny fish in a big pond. In Berlin you can easily become a bigger fish is a mid-sized pond, so the audience has better access to you which is all very refreshing to me! Audiences are very receptive and eager to know more about me as a singer and songwriter.



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