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Top 5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Dad

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Happy Fathers Day to all of the amazing fathers and father figures in the world!

Anyone who knows my dad is very aware of his love for words…coming out of his mouth. Yes, that man LOVES to talk and swears that I’m not listening but here’s proof that I do. In honor of my very special father, I present to you the top five life lessons I’ve learned from my daddy, Mr. Nathan Bluitt, Jr.:

1. It’s there for you… – Like many women, I have a habit of not ordering something on the menu but later asking for it off my dad’s plate. Sometimes he cooperates and shares. Sometimes he doesn’t. But what’s consistent is his response. Whatever it is you want in life, “it’s there for you…” All you have to do is ASK for it.

2. Your this ain’t her/his that. – Just because something is of high priority (meaning, URGENT) to you, doesn’t mean that it’s equally important to the other party or parties involved. It’s not personal. It’s life.

3. luvutillmylastbreath – He may be a bit embarrassed about me sharing this one but I’ll go ahead and risk it. My dad has always been vocal about his love for me and my sister. No matter how busy he is, every single phone call with him ends with “I love you.” Now that he’s addicted to his Droid and the convenience of texting and emailing, he ends almost every note with “luvutillmylastbreath.” Let the people in your life know you love them every single chance you get! Real men show love.

4. I’m not new to this. I’m true to this. – Yes, this sounds like pimp talk and I chuckle every time he says it but let’s think about it. If you’re an expert at what you do, and have years of experience to back it up, you should never underestimate the value of your work. Know your worth and never hesitate to ask for it.

5. Do what you love. Love what you do. –  My dad has chosen a profession that was passed down to him from my grandfather, the late (and GREAT) Nathan Bluitt, Sr.  As the owner of two funeral homes in Indiana, my dad is able to serve his community and provide comfort in their time of  need. He LOVES his career and as a result, owns two of the leading Black-owned funeral homes in the state of Indiana. While I haven’t given in to his lovely invitations to join the family business, I’m extremely thankful for the life he’s provided for his family as a result of his passion, drive, and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. He inspires me to be the higher me.

Happy Father’s Day, daddy!



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