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Top 10 Holiday Hair Tips by Anu Prestonia

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Styles compliments of Khamit Kinks Salon

Holiday soiree season can cause a bit of anxiety. What am I going to wear? How will I rock my hair? I asked Anu Prestonia, “Queen Mother of Natural Hair Care since 1978” and the Fly Female Entrepreneur behind Anu Essentials and the legendary Khamit Kinks to give tips on how to get party-perfect hair for the holidays. Let the parties begin!

1.Decide – Are you a busy lady with a travel schedule or a calendar chocked full of events for the holiday season? Perhaps you’ve decided to spend time with family & friends.  No matter how you’re spending the holidays, my first tip is to think about how you want to present yourself and how much effort you want to put into this aspect of your appearance. Does the freedom of wearing a carefree (protective) style, without the need to primp and groom your hair on a daily basis matter the most to you?  Or would you prefer versatility, the ability to rock different looks throughout the season?  This is a crucial decision, so decide and then move forward.

2. Plan Ahead – Whatever you decide, by planning ahead you can avoid the preoccupation of the perennial  “What am I going to do with my hair” question. Do you feel me?  This will be one less thing to consider during an already hectic season. At your favorite salon, make your appointment as far in advance as possible to assure that you receive a day and time that works best for you.  No one wants to be squeezed into a busy and tight schedule with your preferred Stylist.

3. Nourish and Nurture – Before we get into the thick of the holiday season and even before your actual decision about styling is done, this would be the perfect time to gift yourself a little extra care: hot oil treatments, deep conditioning treatments, scalp massages with botanically infused hair oils and a good trim are a wonderful way to ensure that your hair gets that extra moisture and care. Not only will these treatments make your hair look good, but it will give your scalp that extra stimulation to feel good and maybe even give you a break-through thought.

4. Consider a Change in Habits – Have you been doing something to your hair that you know is not in its best interest?  Perhaps your Stylist is not hearing you when you express yourself.  Or maybe you’ve been neglecting your hair.  Treat yourself during this holiday season and give to yourself what you feel you really want and deserve.  Have you been buying a product just because it’s affordable?  Well splurge and buy something for you hair that may cost more but will make you feel as though it is a treat.

5. Express Your Creativity – The holidays are also a perfect time to break out of the doldrums and try something you’ve been dreaming about.  Want to cut your hair a little shorter, dye it lighter or darker, you can do so in a ‘real’ way or you can opt to try some semi permanent.   Techniques such as spray in color, cosmetic hair sparkles, looping of Locs to make them appear shorter, extension pieces that clip-in to make a bigger statement for that special occasion, are all ways to enhance without making a real commitment to anything long term.

6.  Be Resolute – The New Year is the perfect time to act if you have been thinking about going natural, or cutting back those Locs. Or perhaps it’s time for you to quit that style that you know you’ve been wearing way too long.  You don’t want to ring in the New Year with old baggage hair practices that are weighing you down.  Be resolved.  Seek out an understanding friend for moral support. Do the very thing that will make you feel brand new for the incoming year.  You know what you want so go out and get it!

7. Consult Now get out of your head. Set a time frame before the New Year to seek professional advice on the options available to you based on your hair type, lifestyle, budget, and style maintenance.

8. Accessorize – Accessories can be something as small as decorative hair pins or as major as a stylish head gear that keeps you warm during the wintery holiday and makes that unique fashion statement.  If you do your own hair, stock up on the products, accessories and accents to make your hair sparkle during this season.  Accessorizing can also be a dash of color highlights or lowlights that will give your hair dimension and pizzazz.

9. Stay Open. Be real about what you can handle.  Don’t allow the opinions of others to hold you back what is meaningful to you.  After having a consultation you will be more ready than ever to decide how wearing your tresses will best suit your lifestyle.  Go for that.

10. Enjoy. This is a very special time of the year.  We call it the holidays but the word comes from the term holy days.  It is a sacred time.  There is no better time to be true to you, and true to the needs and desires you have for your hair.  Enjoy your hair.  Rock it the way you’ve always wanted. Make a statement that truly represents you.  When you feel good about you, you will sparkle and inspire others. Be in-joy with your hair!


About Anu Prestonia, founder of Khamit Kinks salon and Anu Essentials:

Acclaimed beauty-industry innovator Anu Prestonia specializes in Black hair care and throughout her career, has helped to popularize artistic natural styling in the U.S. and abroad. She founded the internationally known Khamit Kinks natural hair salon in 1989 and in 2012, launched the Anu Essentials product line. Anu has served as an expert consultant for several books and has been featured in numerous magazines, digital media outlets, newspapers, TV and radio shows. As an industry innovator, Anu perfected several braiding techniques and created the names of styles now proudly worn around the world including Senegalese Twists and Goddess Braids. To learn more about Anu Prestonia visit or

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