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Top 10 Bits of Wisdom: Be Blogalicious

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By: In Her Shoes Guest Contributor, Nikki Thompson

Did you make it out to Be Blogalicious in Las Vegas this year? If you didn’t get to attend or aren’t familiar with it at all don’t fret. The annual Blogalicious Weekend is THE go-to destination for influential multicultural women and social media enthusiasts from all over the world to collaborate, connect and uplift one another. Blogalicious Weekend is not just a conference; its a celebration!

As a dear friend of In Her Shoes I’m happy to share 10 bits of wisdom I took away from the annual conference that you don’t want to miss. I took copious notes throughout the weekend just for In Her Shoes readers so grab your pen and paper (or that trusty iPad) and let’s Be Blogalicious:

1.       Why do you do what you do? – You must ask yourself this prior to starting a blog, and even as you take strides in the blogging world. Why do you want to blog? What’s your goal? Blogging has come a long way. It is now a stepping stone into a world full of opportunities. Once you have figured out why you want to blog you will have a clear idea of the direction you should go in.

2.       Invest in you – I’m a firm believer in Arthur Ashe’s quote: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” You may not have the proper tools quite yet, but don’t let that hold you back, use what you have. As you continue to grow, invest in yourself. Attend conferences like ‘Be Blogalicious’ that is loaded with vital wisdom and knowledge. No one will believe in you quite like yourself!

3.       Do your research – Let’s face it, there are a million blogs out there. How is your blog different? Do you bring a fresh perspective or are you saying the same thing as other bloggers? Do your research and bring your A game!

4.       Get noticed – Unless you have a private blog I’m sure that driving traffic to your site is one of your goals. How do you do this? Take advantage of multiple social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.). Utilize other bloggers platforms by commenting on their posts. Your comment may peak the interest of others, which will encourage them to visit your site. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a hash tag. Use them to take your voice further into multiple categories and create your own to have consistency among your followers.

5.       Connect with EVERYONE – One of my professors told us the following “Everyone should know what you’re trying to do”. You’d be surprised at who Aunty Betty knows, or the opportunities that your brother may hear of while sitting in the barbershop. Are you following me? No matter how “in the loop” or totally disconnected they are, make sure they know exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

6.       Be your own publicist…for now – No one is more passionate about your blog than you are. Do you have an elevator pitch ready at all times? What are things that people should absolutely know about your blog? Accomplishments, etc.? Sell yourself like the rent is due tomorrow, but please don’t overkill. Remember to be natural and confident.

7.       Get paid – First let me say that no one should blog solely alone for cash. There is a passion that comes along with blogging, which makes bloggers successful. However, it can be financially rewarding. Make sure you’re capitalizing from Google Ads, Affiliate Programs, writing an e-book, public speaking, etc.

8.       Make it easy for yourself – Blogging can be extremely difficult, especially if you want to be successful. Ensure that you are eliminating as much stress as possible. Figure out where and when you write the best, even if it’s outside your home. It’s important to be inspired by a new environment and scenery. Also, you should have an editorial calendar. It will make posting so much more easier.

9.       Remain authentic – Stick to your brand. Period. It may be tempting to dibble and dabble in a variety of topics, but make sure that they are aligned with your brand. If you want the right doors to open for you, then you must keep this in mind.

10.   Stay humble and don’t forget where you came from – As you gain popularity and begin to mix and mingle with the “cool” kids, don’t forget your roots. It was extremely refreshing for me to see women in media who have already made major strides in this business, at ‘Be Blogalicious’. Conferences provide an opportunity for brand exposure, and they are introduced to the bloggers who’ve got next, which might just be you!

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