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One to Watch: Raqquyah Webb

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By: In Her Shoes Contributor, Brandis Snagg

Meet Raqquyah Webb of Adorn New York. As an accessories designer, Raqquyah’s professional goal is to make sure women are adorned in pieces that truly represent them. You’ve probably seen Raqquyah and her pieces around New York City at all of the hottest festivals and events but today, she’s here to chat with us about her design influences and what separates Adorn from the competition:

In Her Shoes: Describe the Adorn New York woman:

Raqquyah: I sat down one day trying to define the women I wanted to wear my earrings.  I thought of women I admired, respected and loved.  And the women that came to mind were women that are mothers, friends, sisters and/or aunties, business-persons, heads of households, lovers, role models…all at the same time.  These women are savvy chameleons of the 21st century.  They are whatever any situation requires them to be.  And that’s something that makes all women beautiful. This is the Adorn New York woman!

In Her Shoes: Are your designs influenced by your personal style? If not, then what’s your inspiration?

Raqquyah: My designs are definitely influenced by my personal style. They are a bit off beat, simple and unique; all of which I believe describe me.  Other than that, life inspires me.  My life so far is a tale of a woman full of different tendencies, characteristics, experiences, emotions, etc., but these things all come together to create me, a beautiful masterpiece.  And that’s what my jewelry is.  Different raw materials – uncut wire, crystals, beads, leather, etc.- that come together to become something beautiful.  It took years for me to be able to say that I am beautiful without doubt or some silly fear of self-righteousness.  Adorn New York has helped me see myself as a great masterpiece as all women should truly see themselves as.  Adorn New York is like my mirror and has become an inspiration in itself.

In Her Shoes: When it comes to accessories some are modest in their choices, others go big, bold and layered. What are your rules for wearing accessories? Are you a one statement piece girl or a layered lady?

Raqquyah: Ummm, I am whatever makes me smile. I rarely wear jewelry I don’t make.  For some reason I feel like I’m cheating on myself when I do.  I have to absolutely love the piece before I purchase jewelry from another designer.  My jewelry isn’t a collection of obnoxiously large designs; although I appreciate those statement pieces. My designs of choice are usually simple, sparkly and classic. Both wrists and lobes and my neck are usually adorned in something. I do stack my bracelets though.  I love stacking my Eternity bracelets with the Twisted Beauty.

In Her Shoes: With so many pop up accessory lines, what sets Adorn New York apart from the rest?

Raqquyah: Today’s world is full of distracting vices and the jewelry of this time can be just as distracting. Everything about Adorn New York is beautiful, authentic and genuine, honest and the freaking bomb…but in a very simplistic way.  There is a connection that women have with Adorn New York and my jewelry that is evident in every conversation shared about the company, in every glance at my designs and especially when a woman sees her reflection adorned with the jewelry they love most. I think there’s a level of truth, honesty and strength that is relatable in a very real way that gives Adorn New York it’s own unique identity.

In Her Shoes: Name five women living or deceased that you would love to style with Adorn New York:

Raqquyah: Jill Scott, Ledisi, Michelle Obama, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Lauryn Hill, Viola Davis, Oprah. I’ll stop there because I listed seven already!

Adorn New York is available for purchase at, Chouchounette Independent Designers Boutique in Park Slope and coming soon to Etsy!

Brandis Snagg is a contributing writer for In Her Shoes and when she’s not writing for us you can catch her here AJ’s Corner ( or on twitter @Ajscorner1.


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