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“Fashion to me is about so much more than clothes,” says Beverly Edmonds, Owner of Esther Woo Vintage. “It’s about self expression and being able to show the world who you are when you’re not able to say it with words.”

With over 10 years of experience working in the retail industry and a great sense of style, Beverly Edmonds always knew that owning a store would be a major part of her existence. “I always kept my dream of opening my own store in the back of my mind, but I had no idea as to how I would execute it.” says the 29-year-old Maryland native.

While away on a business trip, Beverly stumbled upon what would be the next chapter of her life:

Whenever I’m bored I go thrifting and that day was no different. While shopping I just had an epiphany; I knew at that moment that owning my own vintage store was what I needed to be doing.

Named after a stylish aunt and a customer she crossed paths with, Esther Woo Vintage hopes to “woo” you via their handpicked collection of vintage women’s clothing and accessories. Dedicated to selling pieces that are not only affordable, but versatile and timeless, Beverly always makes it a priority to select items that can stand out in the crowd.

“I always tell people that I sell clothing items not style,” says Beverly. “My goal is to be able to provide women of all shapes, sizes, and styles with the necessary tools needed to express themselves and feel great about who they are inside and out. I’m not interested in turning a person into what I want them to be or gearing my items to a particular group of people. I provide my customers with a stable foundation upon which they can build their own personal style.”

Determined to turn her Philadelphia-based brand into a global lifestyle, Beverly plans to expand Esther Woo Vintage via various networking events and workshops that mix finding your vision with shopping and expanding your network; in addition to a housewares and menswear collection and her own line of vintage inspired designs.

Ready to see what all of the fuss is about? Get a taste of Esther Woo Vintage by clicking here.

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