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NYC Entrepreneur Week

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Let me start this post by apologizing for getting this information out to you so late.  Entrepreneurial Week USA is currently hosting its First Annual NYC Entrepreneur Week and it’s just now coming across my radar! Sometimes it’s better to go with the “better late than never” mantra vs. not going at all so with that said, following are the event details:

NYC Entrepreneur Week will be held April 20-24, uniting over 2,000 entrepreneurs, local investors, service providers, financiers and technology and business experts.

The idea is to match budding entrepreneurs with experienced startup mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists. From developing a concept to making a product profitable, those in the know can offer advice on the entire entrepreneurial process. This is accomplished through a week full of breakfasts, cocktail parties, panels with industry leaders and round table discussions.

At the center of New York City Entrepreneur Week is a 21-team business plan competition, complete with a full day of customized training.  If you can’t get to NYC, you can still sign up for their e-mail, or follow the events on Twitter.

The New York City Entrepreneur Week is already on board for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009. In fact, they’re planning on using the momentum from their own week of events to work towards planning Global Entrepreneurship Week activities this November.

For additional information on the New York City Entrepreneur Week visit the organization’s site by clicking here.

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