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Mission Accomplished!

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As you may recall, a few months back the lovely Carlecia Wright, Executive Director of Policy and Planning, City of New York, hosted a Young Urban Entrepreneur’s Mixer in Harlem that was featured here on In Her Shoes.  Meeting new people and hearing great entrepreneurial stories was super inspiring but what really got me excited about this meeting of the minds was the knowledge we gained on the FastTrac Program. Offered through a partnership between the City of New York and The Kaufmann Foundation, FastTrac programs will help you live your dream at each stage of business growth.

Always down to learn and of course, sharpen my skills, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to sign up.  Having my alarm clock buzz off before 6 a.m. every Wednesday morning for two months wasn’t exactly fun but the valuable information we gained in each session was priceless! Imagine walking into a room of about 30 entrepreneurs of all ages and cultural backgrounds with one common goal – to grow as business owners and take their brands to the next level!

I was blessed to have a couple friends take the FastTrac Growth Venture course with me (hey Ashaka & Rob!) and we all agree, it’s an experience we’ll never forget.  If you have a business concept you’re looking to build out OR if you’ve been in business for a year or more, FastTrac will help you:

  • Develop key business insights and skills
  • Determine your business strategy
  • Be coached by entrepreneurs and experts
  • Tap into entrepreneurial resources
  • Network with other entrepreneurs

Thousands of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs have already experienced and found success through FastTrac’s award-winning entrepreneur learning programs and I’m happy to say that as of yesterday, I’m one of them. Following are a few pics from our final presentation and program commencement day:

(L-R) Renae, Dawn, Derek and Ashaka (Dawn and Derek were our fabulous instructors)

Introducing Crush Media

I’m a Proud Mama!

As Soon As Our Presentations Wrapped We Hit Sushi Samba to Celebrate!

Ashaka was all smiles…

Although I’m excited to have my life back a bit, I’m definitely going to miss the weekly fellowship sessions with all of the amazing entrepreneurs I met. That said, I’d like to do a quick roll call of just a few of the talented business owners I know who have taken (or are taking) the FastTrac courses:

Anita Watkins of Sixxfoota

 Laura Lobdell

Ashaka Givens

Robbie Morgan of ShadowFlack Apparel

Tina Shoulders of Laid Back

Tasha West

For additional information on New York City’s FastTrac programs click here. I highly recommend it!

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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