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It’s #AliceSmithShe Day!

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Don’t you just love that rush of energy you get from listening to music that truly speaks to the soul? Back in August I wrote about one of my favorite song birds, Alice Smith, and her Kick Starter campaign to raise funds for her new album. I’m proud to say that not only did she make her fundraising goal, she exceeded it. And that album she was in the lab creating? Of course, she exceeded everyone’s expectations here too!

Alice’s sophomore album, SHE is officially available on iTunes so do something for yourself today that your ears will THANK YOU for time and time again. I had the pleasure of snagging an early copy of this musical masterpiece and let’s just say I’ve played it SO much that my neighbors probably know every song by heart. Yes, it’s THAT good.

To celebrate the album’s release Alice is inviting her supporters across the globe to host their own listening parties today. Grab a couple cocktails, your closest friends, and rock out to SHE! Capture the moments by taking pictures and posting them to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hash tag #AliceSmithShe. Alice’s team will upload all the photos on Facebook as well as retweet and repost via Twitter and Instagram.

To learn more about Alice Smith visit or follow this talented beauty on Twitter and Instagram via @alicesmithmusic.

“Where are you going with your life? What kind of chances will you take?”

– Alice Smith, SHE

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