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Glow Time with Latham Thomas

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Latham Thomas,

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning? Do you grab your phone and check your e-mail and social media accounts? Do you run for the coffee pot? Turn on the news?

In Her Shoes “The Beauties & Brains Behind the Brands” panelist and all around fly girl, Latham Thomas, shared an Instagram post this morning that really spoke to me. In it, she shares her morning “Glow Time” ritual.  So much of our effectiveness is about mindset, and how we start our day can impact our trajectory. A strong start can help you create a confident, clear mindset, while a false start can cause us to feel behind the gun throughout the day.

Check out Latham’s post below and try to incorporate a little “Glow Time” into your daily routine. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!

In the morning, before the little guy wakes up I take ‪#‎glowtime‬ for myself to get centered for the day. Deep breathing sets the tone for my day, calibrating and nourishing my nervous system. I give thanks for God waking me up, for sending angels to hover over us in protection while we sleep. I relish in sweet thoughts- what makes my life sweet- the people, the love, the tender moments, the births, the blessings- all of the sweetness in life. Remember to take your glow time- make self care a daily practice. No matter how busy you are, we all need portals for self renewal. It’s practices like these that help us grow our glow power.

– Latham Thomas

To learn more about Latham follow her on Instagram and Twitter via @glowmaven or visit

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