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In the Clutch: Averil Elin

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Nefertidi Walker & Tamara Jones of Averil Elin

Creators and curators of luxury living, Averil Elin, just unveiled their new line of gorgeous clutches this morning and I’m thoroughly impressed! Bold and beautiful prints? Check. Head-turning, original African fabric? Check. In a city like New York, an all-purpose bag is a must but when you’re ready to glam it up or just travel light, the clutch is a girl’s best friend. I’ve tried to curb my addiction but these cuties are hard to resist. It’s safe to say that our girls over at Averil Elin bring new meaning to the term “bag lady”. Get into a few of my favorites:


If you’re curious about the meaning behind this brand’s name, here it is…Averil is Tamara’s middle name which means ferocious fighter. Elin is Nile (Nefertidi’s daughter’s name) spelled backwards, and it means intelligent woman.

Follow the brand on Instagram (@averilelin) or shoot an email to to place your order.

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