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In His Shoes: Shaheed Rucker

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In a world filled with cookie-cutter fashion, it’s so refreshing to see a brand that not only looks good but does good. Founded by Philly’s Shaheed Rucker, Anderung is the German term for change or modification. Under the parent organization, Changemakers, Anderung is identical in its mission. It’s a lifestyle brand that uses fashion as a tool to promote social awareness.

Anderung’s objective is fashion for purpose so proceeds contribute to the organization of programs, workshops and initiatives committed to implementing change in society. Through community drives, mentorship, scholarships and social events, Anderung is shifting the face of fashion one design at a time. Get to know the man behind the brand as he shares his formula for style + philanthropy:

In Her Shoes: What was the inspiration behind Anderung and its mission to improve the well being of communities through health, art, sports and education?

Shaheed: The inspiration comes from our lifestyle in which fashion is fundamental. It’s an art and science, it gives confidence, boosts esteem and hatches creativity.  It’s like we’re human canvases, showcasing our personalities through fashion. We’ve always been involved in mission work and improving the community, so it was important for us to merge the two. Anderung essentially aids the funding of these different community projects. Anderung is purpose-driven fashion, it’s a German term for “change” or “modification”.

In Her Shoes: Can you describe your aesthetics as a designer?

Shaheed: I would describe our aesthetics as delicate and timeless. We aim for an exquisite yet universal appeal. Content, color scheme and typography are central aspects in our design process.

In Her Shoes: Are there any fashion designers out there whom you consider as your heroes?

Shaheed: I admire many designers, no particular heroes. I’m attracted by anything unique. I’m a fan of bespoke products.

In Her Shoes: You seem to have quite a few high profile personalities supporting your brand. What advice would you give to an emerging designer looking to do the same?

Shaheed: My advice would be to develop healthy relationships and craft quality products. People would begin to take notice.

In Her Shoes: What is a day like in Shaheed Rucker’s shoes?

Shaheed: A day in my shoes would consist of all work with a combination of play. I’m always researching and looking to learn. Whether it’s through literature or travel, I’m on a quest to get better. I spend a lot of time trying to develop innovative ideas.

In Her Shoes: What would you say is the “future” of fashion?

Shaheed: I have no clue…lol. It’s an arousing mystery. If I had the answer I’d show you instead of telling you. I’m sure it will be innovative, I sleep on it every night.

In Her Shoes: Would you consider yourself to be an artist or a designer first?

Shaheed: I would consider myself a designer first.  Once I develop a design whether it be a t-shirt or crafting an event the artistic aspect is added after.

In Her Shoes: What’s the most fascinating thing you’ve learned in this business thus far?

Shaheed: The most fascinating thing I’ve learned in this business is that no matter how good your product may be, it’s a very cliquish yet supportive community.

To learn more about Shaheed Rucker and Anderung visit or follow the brand’s social media channels: @anderungclothing and @change_makers.


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