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Holiday Love: Phefeni

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Sallome Hralima: Designer, Phefeni Childrenswear

Hey, hey, hey! The holiday cheer continues on In Her Shoes. Today, I’d like to introduce a children’s fashion brand everyone really ought to know, Phefeni Childrenswear. Designed by activist and former educator, Sallome Hralima, Phefini Childrenswear reflects the revolutionary spirit and sophisticated philosophies displayed by children the world over.

While Sallome doesn’t have any children of her own (yet), she was inspired to launch the line after the birth of her nephew. While shopping for the new little person in her life, Sallome discovered a huge disparity in ethnic children’s garments. Trips to the most remote fabric epicenters in the world have enabled Sallome to create classic pieces for young boys and girls that incorporate indigenous fabrics in every collection.

Following are a few pieces from the Phefeni line to consider for the little ones in your life this holiday season. My fave is definitely the “Got Dreams?” onesy. Can you say FUTURE Fly Female Entrepreneur in the making? Love it.

Phefeni Childrenswear is donating 10% of all sales proceeds to the GYE Nyame Empowerment Project now through January 2011. To place your order or learn more about Phefeni Childrenswear click here.

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