Heat Free Hair’s Summer Vacation Styling Guide

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As exciting as traveling can be, there is nothing more exhilarating than knowing that you’ve mastered your travel hair routine. Now is the season when our natural hair and our extensions will be as stress-free as the trips we take. From packing light to establishing the essentials, our natural hair travel guide will have you ready for wherever you’re headed this season!


  • Determine Your Protective Style in Advance.


Evaluate the nature of your trip before you decide what protective style to wear. Will you be on a quick weekend trip with a busy itinerary? Try something non-committal like clip-ins or drawstring ponytails. If you’re planning for a longer trip and you want to get up and go, simplify your style to wefted hair or a wig.


  • Find “Mister” Right


When it comes to freshening up your look, packing the right mister is important. Misters are great for travel because they help with moisturizing your curls without oversaturating them. When it comes to styling, this can help you cut your drying time and maximize your vacation time.


  • Pack Multi-Purpose Products


Packing products with multiple uses can help with packing light. For detangling and moisturizing consider packing a leave-in conditioner. For shine and hold try a mousse. Limiting your hair tools to a detangling brush can also help with minimizing tangles and reviving your three day curls.

Determine Your Hair Accessories


  • Sometimes on vacation you just don’t know what to expect… so go ahead and live on the edge! Packing your favorite scarves, hair ties, or headbands can ease your unpredictable hair day, or switch up your style for an extra stay.



  • Establish Your Evening Hair Routine


Your night care routine can make or break your travel hair. Packing a satin pillow case or hair scarf to pineapple your curls can cut down on how much time you need to get ready the next day.

Which tip is your favorite? Happy Vacay!

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