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Kijafa Frink and Blair Sandlain: PNK Elephant

In Her Shoes: What inspired you to get into the accessories world with PNK Elephant?

PNK Elephant: The economy inspired us to launch an all-accessories store. We were looking for a way to help women revamp their closets without breaking the bank.

In Her Shoes: What do you think truly separates the PNK Elephant from other accessory brands?

PNK Elephant: Our price points make us stand out and the fact that most of our items are an affordable $25 or less.

In Her Shoes: Being an entrepreneur can bring both highs and lows, what were some of the challenges you faced and what did you learn from them?

PNK Elephant: Being an entrepreneur doesn’t come with a handbook and each situation is different. We really learn from every situation, and focus on how to make it better the next time around. Opening our first store together was a task, but we will be ready for the next store because we have a system now, even down to the paint colors!

In Her Shoes: What is a day like in your shoes?

PNK Elephant: Every day is different, but each one starts off by thanking God for another day. After that emails are answered, orders are shipped, inventory is sent out, and we have conversations about our next venture.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Daily News

In Her Shoes: You both are strong businesswomen, how did this partnership come about?

PNK Elephant: The partnership came about because we both know exactly what we want, and how we want to get it. From there our friendship and respect for one another grew to where it is today.

In Her Shoes: Who would you most like to see wearing your pieces?

PNK Elephant: Definitely our friends because they are our biggest supporters. ALL  of our customers are celebrities in our eyes so we value each and every bit of their business.

In Her Shoes: What’s the biggest accessories mistake someone can make? The way we see it, there really are no mistakes in fashion. Create your own style be different. If we had to pick a mistake I would say not wearing PNKelephant accessories!

In Her Shoes: What accessories trends can we look forward to for Fall/Winter ’11?

PNK Elephant: Lots of bright colors, feathers, and metals.

In Her Shoes: In 5 years PNK Elephant will be…

PNK Elephant: A household name for women who like all things pretty!

Does all of this accessories talk have you in the mood for shopping ? Visit www.pnkelephant.com and let your inner style maven run wild! If you’re in the Philly area, stop by the boutique which is conveniently located at 504 South Street.

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