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Fly Female Entrepreneur: Afya Ibomu

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By In Her Shoes Contributor: Yvelette Stines

With a name that means health in Swahili, Afya Ibomu has created a company that is a resource for the modern holistic lifestyle. With many talents under her belt, she wanted to share them all with the world. In order to create this lifestyle brand she started Nattral Unlimited LLC. With a company and three books under her belt, including the African American literary award nominated The Vegan Soul Food Guide to the Galaxy, and a successful career in nutrition (she was Erykah Badu’s personal nutritionist during her Worldwide Underground Tour), Ibomu is passionate about creating balance and health throughout the world. She sat down with In Her Shoes to share some of her entrepreneurial and wellness wisdom.

In Her Shoes: What is Nattral?

Afya: Nattral is a resource for the modern holistic lifestyle. Our products are a mix of cultural wisdom and contemporary flavor. We offer health tips, recipes, clothing, books, crochet patterns and much more. is committed to incorporating natural health, true culture, and real style into everyday living. The company was ultimately created to house all of my interests and products.

In Her Shoes: What was the motivation behind starting the business?

Afya: Every business I’ve started was because I had something I wanted to share. Whether it was crocheting, cooking, health counseling or writing each thing was about sharing my gifts and helping the community. I also wanted to work for myself. These days you have to have many hustles and money streams to be successful.

In Her Shoes: What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment regarding the business?

Afya: Being nominated for an African American Literary Award. I was so shocked and honored by this. Even though I did not win I couldn’t believe that my first self-published book on veganism was good enough to be honored in such a way!

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In Her Shoes: How does Nattral differ from similar businesses?

Afya: My company is different because it has me as the owner. Not to sound conceited or anything but I am an integral part of the brand. People have come to know Nattral from my works. I have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and I’m certified in holistic health counseling which I think brings a certain level of professionalism to my brand as well. I do my best to make all of my products easy to use and understand as well as relate to daily life. Food and nutrition is my life.

In Her Shoes: What can we look forward to seeing in the future?

Afya: More books, t-shirts, DVD’s and information. One of my new goals is promoting health education. I believe that the more tools people have to live healthier the better choices they’ll make.

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