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Kitiya Mischo King: Mischo Beauty

By: Kamari Guthrie, In Her Shoes Contributor

Kitiya Mischo King, known to many in the blogging world as “Mischo Beauty,” has been an industry insider for years. As a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, makeup artist and former Vidal Sassoon & Elizabeth Arden Red Door employee, Washington, D.C.’s Kitiya Mischo King knows a thing or two about beauty. She has a site chock full of product reviews, Mischo Beauty Picks of the Month, and irresistible giveaways laced with priceless beauty tips like how to determine the perfect nail shape before your next manicure. I’m particularly impressed with her five year plan as it has motivated me to think bigger when it comes to future goals and aspirations. Cozy up and enjoy as Kitiya sits down with In Her Shoes to discuss all things beautiful!

In Her Shoes: We understand that Mischo Beauty the blog is the beginning of an entire Mischo Beauty empire. Tell us about how you started the blog and how you plan to expand beyond it.

Kitiya Mischo King: For those of you who may not know, I’m a small town girl from the Midwest who’s always had big dreams. I finished Spelman College with a degree in chemistry and I am now pursuing my true passion – beauty! My focus is on hair, skin, nails and makeup.

I started blogging near the completion of cosmetology school (at the end of 2006) as a way of sharing my excitement and passion for beauty.  After having had the opportunity to perform beauty services/treatments on clients and use a wide variety of beauty products, I now use my blog as an educational/teaching tool, as well as a way to share product reviews and beauty tips. My blog has also been a way to recruit models for hair color, waxing, brow & lash tinting and facial services in order to complete various apprenticeships. The blog has definitely encouraged me to continue reaching for the stars!

I am now planning the launch (2011!) of Mischo Beauty (salon, spa, mobile beauty services and haircare & skincare products), which will be followed by The Mischo Agency (representation of hairstylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists, and skin/nail care specialists), The Mischo Institute of Beauty (beauty institute) and The Mischo Book of Beauty, which will focus on haircare and skincare education.

In Her Shoes: Why was a blog the perfect starting point to launching your beauty brand?

Kitiya Mischo King: My professional background also includes technology consulting, marketing/advertising and television entertainment.  Combine those with my passion for beauty, and naturally a brand – Mischo Beauty – was destined to be born.  It just so happens that it launched first in the form of a beauty blog!

In Her Shoes: Beauty bloggers spend a lot of time breaking through clutter. You receive endless amounts of products from brands wanting you to write favorable reviews and you have to make sure your blog stands out among the masses. How do you choose what to write about and how do you make Mischo Beauty stand out among other beauty blogs?

Kitiya Mischo King: What’s most important to me is that I make it a point to use my blog as an educational/teaching tool.  I want my readers to know & believe that I am a trusted beauty authority.  I want my readers to leave comments/questions and know that I will respond to each and every one of them.  My hope is that my readers will be better able to make educated and informed decisions regarding their haircare and skincare because in the end, it’s about them, not me.

In Her Shoes: Tell us about a day in your shoes.

Kitiya Mischo King: A day in my shoes usually involves a number of tasks such as answering emails, responding to blog comments, planning blog posts, product reviews, meeting PR representatives, attending store openings/fashion shows/product launch events, researching/planning for upcoming business ventures, and the list goes on. Believe me, there is never a dull moment and I’m thankful for that!

In Her Shoes: You often feature product images on your blog by using a popular beauty magazine as a backdrop. As social media and traditional media continue to converge, do you feel as though you are competing with these types of publications? If so, how do you keep up?

Kitiya Mischo King: My focus is on producing the very best content possible and on expanding the knowledge/education of my readers with regards to hair, skin, nails and makeup.

In Her Shoes: Advertising is the crux of maintaining a successful blog. For everyone trying to launch their own blog, can you give us some tips on how to attract advertisers?

Kitiya Mischo King: Here are my top five tips for attracting advertisers:

1.    Identify your niche
2.    Launch a well-designed blog
3.    Update your blog frequently with only the best content
4.    Prepare a media kit
5.    Build a relationship with your audience

In Her Shoes: Many times women don’t start their own brand or empire because they are afraid of diverging from their original plan. You took your degree in chemistry from Spelman College and became a beauty blogger. What is your advice to women who are hesitant to step outside of their self-made boundaries and conquer?

Kitiya Mischo King: It took many years and a lot of courage to get to this point – and I’m so very thankful and blessed!  After graduating from Spelman, being accepted into medical school and deciding not to attend, I went on to work professionally in technology consulting, marketing/advertising and for a television entertainment network.  But, through it all, I was never fulfilled.  Finally, I enrolled in and completed both cosmetology school and esthetics school, and started apprenticing in the top salons (Vidal Sassoon & Elizabeth Arden Red Door) in my area all while working a full-time job.  And believe me, I still have lots of work ahead of me, but I’m ready and I welcome it!

I’m sharing this because I want everyone to know that it won’t be easy to step outside of your comfort zone and take the risks required in order to pursue your dreams.  But, if it’s truly your passion/dream, there’s no way you can ever give up. You must believe that only the sky is your limit!

For additional information on Mischo Beauty visit or follow Kitiya on Twitter by clicking here.

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