Elements of a Haute Home Office

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In Her Shoes Guest Contributor: Ariene C. Bathea, DRESSING ROOM INTERIORS

Working from home can sometimes be uninspiring, especially if you don’t have a designated office space.  The convenience of laptops and iPads have made any place with an outlet and free Wi-Fi an office.  Many of us work from our beds, sofas or dining tables but it’s super important to have a “home” for your work.  Think of your office as the corporate headquarters.  The coffee shop and local bookstore can be your satellite locations, but you still need a home base!

You may not have a lot of space for a dedicated home office (hence going to a coffee shop), but all you need is one wall.   Keep these three things in mind when deciding how to layout out your office wall/space.

1. The view: When you look up from your keyboard what do you see?  It should be something that inspires you.

2. Storage: Every day use items should be pretty and at arms reach.

3. Color:  Incorporate your favorite color.  The perfect office color is one that inspires you to create.

Now you are ready to design your space.  Start with your major pieces first.  All these can be accomplished using one wall:

Now that you’ve got all of your key pieces, don’t forget to accessorize!


What do you like most about YOUR home office and what are you ready to change?

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