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Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

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Dear Frustrated One,

I know you’ve had it up to here with that crazy 9 to 5 but we’d hate to see you do something you might regret. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but try not to act on emotions. According to (and my own personal experience), it may be better to launch that business while you’re still employed!

Entrepreneurs have good reason for working full time at a job and part time on their businesses, experts say. “For some people, especially in economic times like these when they’re worried about their regular job, starting a part-time business gives them a safety net,” says Paula Englis, an associate professor at Berry College and the University of Twente. Part-time startups by full-time employees may also offer a source of extra income when future pay raises are likely to be infrequent or nonexistent, she adds.

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