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Currently Crushing On: LoveBrownSugar Nail Lacquer

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Christina Brown of

What’s not to love about a twenty-something magazine editor and blogger-turned-social media maven having a nail lacquer created in her honor? Many of us have a laundry list of concepts we’d like to bring to life but Christina Brown of LoveBrownSugar believes in making it happen! I’m beyond elated about the steps she’s taking with her brand so today, I’m crushing on LiSi Cosmetics’ LoveBrownSugar nail lacquer inspired by none other than the lovely Christina Brown of

Photo Credit: LoveBrownSugar

LoveBrownSugar retails for a very affordable $4.90 and is a beautiful, glossy bronze hue that’s perfect on every skin tone.  If you’re ready to snag your own bottle of LoveBrownSugar click here. To learn more about the talented Christina Brown visit today!

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